What are we all playing this weekend?

Alice is on holiday and she’s taken all the games with her. Luckily some developers released new games after she’d left, so the rest of us still have something to play. Our choices are below, but we want to know from you: what are you playing in this weekend of plenty?

Adam: I’m playing the Football Manager 2018 beta. I’ve spent a fair bit of time this week knee-deep in the gore of Wolfenstein and I’m enjoying being back where I really belong. In among the stats.
Alec: On my hard drive I currently have Wolfenstein and Assassin’s Creed and Destiny, and on a small box near my PC I have something involving a baby-faced plumber. My plan is to sit in front of my various devices, absolutely paralysed by choice. And then maybe go back to Metroid on 3DS.
Alice: Having cured all manner of strange and horrifying illnesses in ‘Papers, Please meets Tramua Center meets magical steampunk’ game Wunderdoktor this week (ooh there’s some wonderfully nasty stuff under the sea), I fancy returning to polish off unlocks and poke around for secret hidden bits I might’ve missed. Speaking of unlocks, yes, I have used my holiday week to finally knock off those last two Isaac achievements. PRODUCTIVE RELAXATION.
Brendan: I’m going to make more alchemical weaponry for my employer in Opus Magnum. Last night I made a machine that was brutally ugly, an asymmetrical contortion of metal arms and spinning wheels. But it was also wickedly fast, every single moving part had its role, endlessly pumping Quicksilver and Tin into all the correct spaces. It was the definition of a “well-oiled machine”. I’m loving this game and if you don’t play it then you have lost a fraction of my respect.
Graham: Like Alec, my computer hard drive is riddled with new games. In all likelihood? I will try the Football Manager Touch 2018 beta and either bounce off it by the end of the weekend or lose months-possibly-years to it. I don’t know which I hope for more.
John: [Fired! -ed.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. NathanH says:

    Having mostly united Bretonnia after giving Mousillon a good beating, I’m going to have to decide what to do next. There are Skaven left over to the south from a previous war, or maybe I could go on a crusade to fight Greenskins or help against the Dark Elf invasion of Ulthuan.

    • AlishaDavey says:

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  2. Thulsa Hex says:

    A rare symbiosis this weekend! I’m putting all other considerations aside in favour of two new games: Super Mario Odyssey, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. I will basically play as much Odyssey as I can, and will switch (!) to Wolfenstein when my wife wants her turn as Mario.

    I’ve put in a handful of hours with each, so far, and am immensely enjoying both for hugely different reasons. Mario is just pure joy; colourful, inventive, and exploratory. Wolfenstein, on the other hand, is visceral, cathartic, and single-minded. Both pick their themes and just run with it.

    When I’m too tired for either, I’ll likely throw on Stranger Things 2. What a weekend!

    • Crafter says:

      I have just moved to another continent and bought Super Mario Odyssey impulsively.
      However, if you plan to play only in portable mode, I think it is not the best game to do so. There are tons of gestures, so it seems way more fun to play it in docked mode.
      I have put it aside for the time being (I will buy a tv in a couple of weeks, I basically have to furnish the whole place).

      In the meantime, I am having a blast with Hollow Knight.

      • Thulsa Hex says:

        I know how that feels! A couple of months ago I moved from Minnesota to California and a few days later I impulsively bought a Switch with Zelda when at the Pasadena Target. Despite shipping my TV here, I STILL have not gotten around to playing more than a couple of hours of Zelda, also due to having to furnish the place, etc.

        I’m waiting until I can really commit consecutive hours to Zelda as I feel it will reward more consistent engagement. Couldn’t help myself with Mario though, but at least it’s more pick-up-and-play-friendly!

        I agree about playing in docked mode, too. An un-tethered JoyCon in each hand certainly seems to suit Mario better.

        • Crafter says:

          Oh yes, gameplay wise you can play zelda in portable mode but its exploration will feel more at home on a big screen.

          I can heartily recommend Hollow Knight when it comes out on the Switch. I resisted buying it on desktop knowing that it would go out on the switch.

          However, seeing that the devs are shipping free updates and that the game is available on OsX & Linux on GOG, I had to admit that HK is ticking all my criterias for extra sympathy points.

          I don’t regret the purchase one second. It is definitely inspired by Dark Souls but does its own thing.
          You are lost in a mysterious world to explore, have to find your money back after dying and finally killing that optional boss after 5 attempts feels so so great !

    • Buuurr says:

      Thulsa Hex says: “When I’m too tired for either, I’ll likely throw on Stranger Things 2. What a weekend!”

      Good luck with that. Me and the wife popped it on and figured we’d binge a bit. It was all we could do to get 3 and half episodes in. We have been watching it since Friday night and man… to us it seems like they just shat out the working formula and dreamed up something else. I feel sad that the most exciting and fun thing for us is the title music. We haven’t watched it all yet, but it feels like that gripping story is just non-existent this season.

      Let me know what you think of it.

  3. GernauMorat says:

    Shooting Nazis in their stupid faces, in a game which is by turns touching, startling, funny, horrifying and batshit insane. GOTY material.

    • AutonomyLost says:

      Good to hear. I’m captivated by the new AC game; though it was a definite toss-up as to which game I’d want to really dive into first: Origins or The New Colossus. Can’t wait to shoot some Nazis later this year.

    • klops says:

      I’m sorry but in the XPiratez mod they are called “Humanists”.

  4. Syrion says:

    Not having played anything but PC games for the last decade or so, the Super Nintendo Classic has gotten me hooked! So, having played through Mega Man X and Super Castlevania IV, I’ll probably have a hard time putting down Super Metroid, finally playing what is supposed to be one of the best games ever for the first time!

  5. Grizzly says:

    Whilst everybody is off playing Wolfenstein, I’ll be shooting my way trough the replica of F.E.A.R. and possibly it’s expansions. It was up for cheap and I’ve been enjoying it a lot.

    Additionally, I’ve used the Halloween sale to top up my EU4 game to the latest expansions as part of the EU4 collection and I’m once again turning countries into ruin because I’m bad at games.

    • Jalan says:

      I’d say just skip playing Perseus Mandate entirely, but once is sufficient if you feel the absolute need to do so. While neither expansion matters in the overall F.E.A.R. story, Extraction Point is the only one that’s actually enjoyable to play.

  6. His Dudeness says:

    Wolfenstoned again. Also, may be some free holiday Helldivers.

  7. Morte66 says:

    Was thinking of getting Victoria 2 for cheap in the sale. Not sure whether the base game holds up well on its own, or does it need the not-so-cheap DLC?

  8. Phantasma says:

    Mortal Empires for Warhammer 2.

    Had a good Von Carstein Campaign going… until i met Orion and a stack purely consisting of various Archers. I was fielding high tier units exclusively, many of them armed and shielded, so i thought, hey an easy picking!

    I was very very wrong.

    I honestly didn’t know that poison worked on undead so my armies, not the fastest under normal circumstances anyway, just melted while trying to crawl to the enemy while the elves just kited everything i sent their way. Even my Blood Knights or Terrorgheists could reach the enemy before they were obliterated.

    Did they buff Welves somehow? I can’t remember it being that bad.

    But having a blast, don’t miss the superficial Vortex mechanic of the Wh2 main campaign a bit.

    • Phantasma says:

      My god RPS, editing a post on mobile is pure pain. As is your whole comment system.

      Of course i meant NOT even my Blood Knights and Terrorgheists could reach the enemy.

    • Horg says:

      WE vs VC army roster has always been comically imbalanced, leveling magic either with Mannfred or a Necromancer hero is the best way to even up the fight. From the Lore of Death, Fate of Bjuna and Purple Sun of Xereus are good against ranged units for damage and formation disruption, Spirit Leech is a good lord sniping skill. From the Lore of Vampires, Invocation of Nehek is a strong heal that will resurrect dead models, Vanhel’s Dance Macabre boots your units speed, Curse of Years slows the enemy units speed (helps stop the kiting), and Raise Dead can create a unit of Zombies right on top of the enemy which forces them into melee. Ideally you want to put shielded units up front, such as Grave Guard, to absorb fire while you try and box the WE in with cavalry.

      • Horg says:

        Should also have added long thin formation. Missile shots miss far more against a line 2 deep than the standard 4-6 deep formation. It’s a dramatic increase to durability for small models against ranged spam.

  9. mcdreamer says:

    I’ll be checking out Zeku in Street Fighter V, carrying on with Zelda: BotW and racing through more of Sonic Mania. I’ll also be avoiding adding Mario to my growing Switch pile of shame… probably…

  10. LennyLeonardUK says:

    Destiny 2 on Pc and Mario Odyssey on Switch for me this weekend.

    What a great time to be a gamer right now with the above mentioned plus Total Warhammer 2 and Wolfenstein 2.

    Long may this run of great titles continue!!!.

  11. msterofthe says:

    Replaying MGS V: TPP from start, with some self imposed challenge rules. Only lethal weapons, no suppressors (both of these apply to buddies as well), no crosshair, no markers to show where enemies are. Makes me play the game very differently, when all of my options for engaging enemy at range are loud, and I can’t recruit as much staff easily.

    It’s reasonably good as a somewhat less sneaky action game too. Intense moments ensue, when you try to avoid detection for as long as possible, but eventually most scenarios turn into open firefights.

    • AutonomyLost says:

      That’s quite a rule set for yourself; it sounds awesome! Have fun.

    • Thulsa Hex says:

      I really want to go back to MGSV. I played it through in a delirious haze during a weird time in my life, and it will be great to visit it again in more relaxed times. God, it felt like the Game of All Time during the first dozen hours. I like the idea of those self-imposed restrictions. Have fun!

      • msterofthe says:

        It is really one of the best open world sandboxes and action-stealth-em-up games I have ever played. I am very unfamiliar with the rest of the Metal Gear series so I don’t know how well it stands up to its name, but I have heard some fans are more than a little upset, YMMV.

        • Thulsa Hex says:

          Gameplay-wise, V is a huge evolution of it’s predecessors. Far more freedom, but with the same crazy attention to detail. Structurally though, it’s very different. All of the main console titles have a linear, single-mission narrative, and are heavily punctuated by verbose, choreographed cutscenes. They have the feel of a bombastic spy movie. V, on the other hand, takes its queues from Peace Walker’s mission-by-mission structure, which needed to be more easily digestible since it was a handheld (PSP) game. The only real issue I have with V is the latter part of the story definitely suffered from either design creep or Konami cutting dev time short, depending on your perspective.

          I’ve enjoyed all of them very much (though I’ve never had the opportunity to play MGS4), and actually enjoy the convoluted story. I highly recommend emulating the PS1/PS2 games if you’re curious! MGS3 is a good place to start, partly because it’s the beginning of a story arc that ends with V. MGS1 is also a good candidate. MGS1, 2, and 4 have a different (but related) arc. Both arcs are basically bridged by the events in V.

      • AutonomyLost says:

        Those exact words could have, and maybe should have, been written by me! Haha. Exactly echoes my feelings surrounding the game.

        If they somehow decided to patch in native 21:9 support I might just drop everything else I’m concentrating on to play it again. Well, maybe not the new AC. I’m, surprisingly to myself, absolutely in love with it.

      • Synesthesia says:

        The first act is some of the best work kojima has ever done, period. (Right until the foggy appearance of the big robot)
        It’s such a shame it dips so sharply after that.

        • Raoul Duke says:

          You mean when you kill it, or earlier?

          As I understand it, when you take it down that’s functionally the end of the game, and everything from there is just (annoying) post-script, is that the case?

    • Raoul Duke says:

      This is how I played it the first time for the most part, it was excellent (and also shows you how OP Snake actually is).

  12. Premium User Badge

    zinzan says:

    1. Getting PBeM turns of Combat Mission out as always – Damnit this game is good. (For wargaming geeks anyway :) )
    2. Bloody Slither.io is taking up too much of my time still.
    3. Shopping, housework, gardening etc.
    4. Assisting with children’s homework, some socialisinbg thrown in for fun.

    • Hao-Sen Lin says:

      I love Combat Mission! I’ve only played Shock Force so far, I might check out Black Sea at some point too. I haven’t done any Pbem games in it yet since the single player scenarios are really good and have been keeping me busy.

  13. Mister eX says:

    F1 2016 – Japanese GP, Mad Max, The Witcher 3.

  14. Chaoslord AJ says:

    Elex and also Rolemaster with friends. Fortunately there are even two holidays coming up next week, praise the church indeed.

  15. Blastaz says:

    AC:Oranges. A lot of AC:Oranges. And when I surface from that some mortal empires, which looks absolutely amazing.

  16. Jaykera says:

    I can’t find any fun playing Mario Odyssey, especially with the not 100% mandatory but still, eh you should use them, motion controls so I’m playing Wolfenstein II and I love it.

  17. Konservenknilch says:

    GTA San Andreas. Somehow I never got around to it back then. Last week I mentioned that I started Lands of Lore 3, but I just couldn’t keep that up. I got as far as the white tower, but it was such a chore. Not worth my time.

  18. Banks says:

    Wolfenstein: I don’t like the gameplay very much. It’s ok and all but nothing special.

    The cutscenes are cool and I’ll keep playing just for that.

    DOOM was much better.

  19. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Finally got into the meat of Echo, and it’s really good, so there will be more grape eating and shouting into the halls and leading around zombie trains for me this weekend. I’m also going to try finishing Xenoblade (Wii) – not the easiest of tasks when you’re thoroughly burnt out on MMO gameplay and are no longer amused by JRPG plot twists or whatever this game’s getting at in its final areas.

    And I’m afraid Lawbreakers is taking a back seat this weekend, after a good run. Getting a match has been notably harder this past week with the population regularly under 100 when I play (following a nice post-patch population bump), but I shall keep at it just a little longer, such is its entertainment value. I don’t know how they might prop it up at this point (besides the f2p option and all the awful junk that entails), but I do hope they find a way.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Also playing Thumper (world 6, woohoo!) and Hidden Folks (woohoo! bleep bloop! thchshfw!), it would seem.

      Hit an annoying brick wall with a boss in Xenoblade and don’t have the will to grind, so I think I’m just going to drag my save file over to Dolphin and infinite-health my way through the rest. Made a backup from my own CD a while ago, so it’s all set to go.

      • wcq says:

        Just a few weeks ago, I was checking out some games I’d left unfinished in prder to finish some of them. I found a Xenoblade save on my Wii with almost a hundred hours on the clock, abandoned right before the final boss battles. I could finish it in an afternoon if I felt like it, but I still don’t. It’s just… a very tiring game.

        And here’s the thing: that wasn’t even the only time I’d dropped that one! I started playing it at launch!

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          Well, now that sounds familiar! I just passed the 110 hour mark myself today, on the only playthrough I’ve had since I picked it up at launch, and I’ve also had the couple long breaks along the way. :)

          Despite all that I’ve enjoyed about the game, you’re completely right that it’s tiring. On the other hand, the stress-free boss rush I’ve had this afternoon has renewed my enjoyment of the game, and I’d highly recommend doing the same to get through it, if you’re game for setting it up. Invincibility obviously makes fights boring, but I’m now grinding through the silly story rather than also through the systems, and I’m still more engaged than I would be watching a YouTube video. That’s all I really want out of it at this point. Why have videogames abandoned cheat codes? etc. etc.

          Erm…so…pretty sure this doesn’t spoil anything, especially since we might have been stopped at different bosses, but it turns out JRPGs still manage to surprise me with their fourth (+0.2-ish so far) acts. I’m not really sure what to expect from it right now, other than that I can’t imagine the story going on much longer, yet it’s dumped me somewhere with what appears to be a mandatory fetch quest and more bossly engagements looming in the near distance. Probably still just a dedicated afternoon in total, yeah, but o_o nonetheless. I’m enjoying it again, as I said (even (especially?) the silly JRPG twists), but that’s it for this weekend!

  20. FelipeCC says:

    Playing My Birthday on Sunday. As for today, probably Rise of the Tomb Raider while waiting for Monster Hunter and Okami HD. But when night arrives and with it the cold wind and profound silence… Horror time! With Amnesia Collection and Until Dawn

  21. Vacuity729 says:

    Well, I’m massively behind the times and am playing the original grand campaign of Total Warhammer. Having a go at uniting the Empire under Karl Franz and reminding myself (by experience) that there are an awful lot of mistakes to be made in each new Total War game. I’ve been playing these games since the original Shogun, and every time there’s always something new to mess up. Normally on the campaign map; the battles use largely the same set of knowledge and skills across all the titles, with variations based on the artillery available and the dominance of missile troops.

    • Horg says:

      Empire are a lot more fun now that Norsca are a proper faction, who mostly fight each other for the first 50 turns, rather than spawning endless 20 stacks of Varg and pillaging the north.

      • Vacuity729 says:

        It’s rather good fun so far. I’ve been chasing down beastman herds that enter my territory. So far they’ve been pretty easy to put to flight, but I assume that they’ll toughen up at some point. I’m also not too sure just how aggressive I should be with the other empire factions; they’re all pretty friendly right now, but none of them are willing to join a confederation, which means that to expand I need to apply some cold, hard steel, or… I guess some sneaky cash? Probably both, each to different parties.

        • Horg says:

          Beastmen do get stronger, the game periodically makes new hordes that scale up based on game length. For expansion as Empire you do have to fight your fellow man in combination with confederations. Technology, diplomatic treaties, followers, items, events and wars with a mutual enemy can all improve relations with humans which speeds up confederations. Factions will be more likely to confederate if they are weak, so watch out for human factions doing badly in wars. If two human factions declare war, pick one side to attack and ally the other, then you can usually confederate with your ally after the war.

          • Vacuity729 says:

            Thanks for the advice! I found I’d somewhat shot myself in the foot with respects to Karl Franz’s story quests as I need to get Nordland in a defensive or military alliance, but by the time that quest became apparent, they were most unhappy with me because I’d swallowed up their southern (my northern) neighbours, Middenland or something, whom they were allied to. I smashed one of their armies and got a peace treaty and NAP, but they’ve been very, very resistant to anything further.

  22. Zombiwan Kenobi says:

    I’ve definitely stopped playing Middle Earth shadow of Mordor, a really (terrible, frustrating/poorly designed-balanced/repetitive/bugged) game. Tolkien would be ashamed of this thing even if i really enjoyed the first opus.

    Definitely going to shoot at some nazis instead this WE !

    • AutonomyLost says:

      After playing over six hours of the new AC since yesterday, there’s no way I’ll be able to go back to SoW; so that was a fat chunk of change ill-spent. Wish I could gift it to someone.

  23. LennyLeonardo says:

    So I’m torn between buying Mario Odyssey, Wolf 2 or AC: Origins today. Anybody want to decide for me?

    • Spuzzell says:

      Mario won’t get any cheaper, the others will.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Hmm… Maybe choose on a whim, based on whatever input method sounds good in the moment:
      Puck & buttonslab? Wolf 2.
      Split wigglesticks? Mario.
      Standard wigglesticks? Oranges.
      (I’m making some assumptions on availability and/or fitness.)

    • malkav11 says:

      I can’t speak for you, but the only one I’m going to buy is Wolfenstein. The New Order was one of my favorite shooters ever and this ought to be at least as good. Meanwhile I haven’t got a Switch and have never once enjoyed a main series Mario game (the RPGs – Paper Mario etc – are pretty good though), and I’m sure Oranges is a good AC game and all but I can’t bring myself to skip ahead in the series and I’m still back on Black Flag, so.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I had to decide between the new Wolfenstein and new AC, and went with Wolfenstein. I’ve been playing mostly TW Warhammer and Divinity OS 2 lately with fantasy settings, and I’m feeling the need to shoot some guns.

      Also, the early reports on Wolfenstein seem to indicate it’s fairly solid, while AC seems a bit shaky and in need of early patching.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      I don’t know how anyone has time to play all the new games on release, honestly. I’m still catching up with last year, and the year before.

      I will definitely play Mario Odyssey one day, but I haven’t got a Switch and am in no rush to buy one as my PC backlog is like this high (gestures at high altitude)… plus still barely even played Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii! The hat can wait.

      Personally, I HAVE to play AC Oranges as I have enjoyed previous Assassins and I adore Egyptian art and history… but maybe not just yet as I might finish a couple other games first.

      Wolf 2 is lowest on my list, though I do approve of the shooting and punching many nazis. Might play that later.

      • Premium User Badge

        zapatapon says:

        I’m catching up with 2010.

        • Premium User Badge

          Ninja Dodo says:

          Yeah, if I’m being entirely accurate my backlog and list of unfinished games I’d like to return to goes all the way from 1992 to 2017. I could stop buying new games for a decade and not run out of things to play… but sometimes it’s nice to experience things when they are new (though more often it’s better to wait for the GOTY edition with patches and DLC).

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Since I appear to have lost my Switch charger cable and don’t have a spare, Mario is out. I think it has to be Wolf, since the first one was such a masterpiece, though AC’s Egypt does look amazing. Can anyone sway me?

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Don’t forget Bubsy comes out on Tuesday!

  24. Spuzzell says:

    Wolfenstein TNC!

    It’s the first game I’ve bought on release since Sunless Sea, and I’m genuinely excited to dive back into the peerless mixture of soulful psychotic mindless thoughtful unrealistic real world mirroring reality that MachineGames have given us.

    And probably Hearthstone.

  25. Synesthesia says:

    Buying Wolf II has taught me that it’s time to retire my old 770, since it can’t handle even low settings without going into single digit frames and constant crashing. I’ve been eyeing a 1070, but I need to wait for next month’s credit card numbers to hit.

    Meanwhile, I’ve luckily got mario odyssey. It is gorgeous.

    • fish99 says:

      You mean cause it’s dying, or a 770 can’t handle Wolf 2?

      • Synesthesia says:

        Can’t handle it, it seems. Tried everything. I got about 20 minutes worth of playable framerate, and then it just started crashing and freezing randomly after mere minutes of play, rarely breaking 20fps. Rest of it should be good, according to them. I have an i7 4770, and 16 gigs of ddr3 on my rig.

        • stevex says:

          Damn. And here I’m thinking that my 980 is getting old too fast!

        • dahools says:

          D/l 388.10 hotfix drivers, there is an issue with wolfenstein II and 700 series cards. Saves you buying a new card.

  26. JustAchaP says:

    Keep playing Squad is what I’ll do.

  27. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    Getting to the end of Mass Effect Andromeda.

    • Spuzzell says:

      Gosh there’s some pain in those few words.

    • Jaykera says:

      It’s ok to not finish a game. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. It’s not y……..

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      Ha. Actually, while the game drags a lot in the later stages – the good bits are definitely spread too thin – I mostly enjoyed it.

      Finished it now. I liked the ending and epilogue… shades of things I would’ve liked to see more of in ME3’s ending (allies coming together to fight a common enemy, visibly, not just as numbers on a list, and a moment of post-battle reflection).

      The game has problems for sure, but I’m glad I played it.

      • Premium User Badge

        Ninja Dodo says:

        I mean don’t get me wrong… ME3’s ending, or the run up to it anyway, hits a lot of emotional high notes that this game simply does not, but the way the Exiles, Angara and colonists come to your aid is something that would’ve been great in ME3 with say the Rachni (if you saved them), or the Turians, the Krogan, the Quarians, the Geth, the Asari, earth rebels and everyone else, depending on who you managed to rally to the cause. Outside of readiness points and a couple of lines and cutscenes there was not as much shown as could have been. Imagine if factions you’d spent all that effort recruiting were jumping into gameplay sequences to save your ass in the nick of time! (Wrex, Shepard) Some missed opportunities there.

        • malkav11 says:

          That’s one of my big complaints about ME3’s ending sequence, for sure. There’s plentiful opportunity for those sorts of reflections of your war efforts and basically none of it is taken.

          For all Andromeda’s problems, I think its ending is actually one of the strongest parts.

      • indigozeal says:

        I’m in the “it has problems, but I enjoyed it” camp on Andromeda, too. Characterization isn’t as strong as it should have been, and the game goes on for too long, but I had fun with combat, and there are some gorgeous sights to see. (The weird character animations are mostly frontloaded at this point – I was genuinely impressed with some nuanced expressions they gave Jaal at the end.)

  28. Zorgulon says:

    I’ll be nursing a post halloween-party hangover tomorrow finally getting round to Overwatch’s Hallowe’en PvE event (although I’m not sure much has changed from last year’s), and possibly starting a new Civ VI game with the Khmer (at last!) to test drive the latest patch.

  29. fish99 says:

    I quite fancy having a look at AC Origins, but I’m not paying £36 for it so that will have to wait.

    So it’ll probably be some Destiny 2 which is really nice on mouse/keyboard. My plan with the game is – do all the content, level an alt, and then leave the game for ~2 years until all the DLC is out and cheap and then play it again.

    • malkav11 says:

      It’s Activision. The DLC will never be cheap.

      • fish99 says:

        You can currently get the first Destiny with all the DLC for £16, so I dunno about that.

        • malkav11 says:

          I assume we’re talking a physical disc, since it’s a console game? Activision doesn’t control those prices so yeah, I can see that. I know I’ve gotten Call of Duty games for like $15 or $20 in a box, while the same game remains $60 on digital distribution. I don’t expect the digital version to ever be cheap though.

          • fish99 says:

            Doesn’t really matter though since the physical version has a code for the DLC. Activision will probably do the same thing they did with the first Destiny – release updated versions (like the Taken King or the Collection) with the same disc but a code for the DLCs.

            Hope so anyway.

  30. Ben King says:

    Bought Firewatch and Oxenfree on sale so maybe oxenfree to celebrate the holiday, but also a bit of Engare. I’m working on my next D&D Curse of Strahd session- my players are just flat out smarter at combat than I am so i’m resorting to throwing the giant vampire tree at them a level early and hoping I’m smart enough to avoid a TPK if it’s overkill. Hopefully Horizon Zero Dawn for a bit as well. And pumpkin pie baking! Got a 14 lb pumpkin squash to cook and store in the freezer sometime today. Freezer is going to be 1/3 squash.

  31. Eightball says:

    Shooting Republicans in Wolf 2. It even kills Ronald Reagan! It’s Game of the Century material!

  32. JimFalkayn says:

    Just finished Dragon Age 2 as rogue and started through again as mage. Don’t know if I’ll finish 2nd play through. I just thought I’d see what playing mage is like. Usually play warrior in DA. Probably will start Dragon Age Inquisition soon.

  33. malkav11 says:

    The usual melange of MMOs, all of which are having Halloween events, as well as Destiny 2 in bursts – it’s not a tremendously varied game so I shan’t be mainlining it like I would The New Colossus, if I had that. But it’s a tremendously pretty game with good shooting and so it will suffice.

    I’d also like to do some Stranger Things watching and try and catch up on likely story-based year-end award contenders like Nier Automata (which I badly need to get back to), One Shot, Pyre and so on, so as to avoid spoilers. I’ve already polished off What Remains of Edith Finch and Tacoma, so at least there’s those.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Thanks for making me look up “melange”. The meaning I had in mind as I read was that of “malaise”, but I knew that couldn’t be right given the context, much as I might be amused by and – these days – in sync with that misinterpretation. :)

  34. CartonofMilk says:

    Got into Black Desert Online in early September and have not played anything else since….

    • Hao-Sen Lin says:

      I got bored of BDO because it gets a bit too grindy in the later portions but I really enjoyed my time with it. I loved exploring and discovering everything for the first time and eventually coming to feel at home in the game world.

  35. AutonomyLost says:

    I’m actually stunned at how much I am entirely enamored by Origins. It’s positively breathtaking in its rendition of Egypt and the scale is something else. I enjoy the new combat style as well, and at this point can’t imagine going back to another Assassin’s Creed game. This is undoubtedly a step forward for their approach to the series and it shows, while just oozing with minute detail.

    So, uh, I’ll be playing it all weekend. Exclusively! Hope others are having a good time.

  36. Talahar says:

    WAWAPTW, now with even less Pip. *sadface*
    Thanks to Star Citizen Con this last friday and a computer that can’t even run the blasted thing, I’ve dug out Freelancer again, and I’m futzing around in that wonderful yet very much unfinished universe. Also, I’ve never finished most of the Telltale games I’ve bought, so two of them, Minecraft Story Mode and The Wolf Among Us, are currently residing on my harddisk in various states of “played”.
    And as always: Marvel Heroes Omega. Blasted game won’t leave me alone. :p

  37. BewareTheJabberwock says:

    Got Torchlight (the first one) for $3, so, that — in between rock and roll shows and World Series baseball matches.

  38. reosarevok says:

    Secret World Legends! It has a ton of issues, but boy is the storyline fun at least, for the low price of free.

    • duns4t says:

      If my hard drive wasn’t nearly full I would be all over this. Hands-down the best game around Halloween, especially the New England stuff.

      • malkav11 says:

        Not only is the spooky theme perfectly Halloween apropos, but they introduce new lore-rich seasonal missions as well. Unfortunately, while in the original release they were up to four Halloweens worth of new content each time, they decided to roll back for Legends and only the first round is in game – a mission chain involving various felines and, perhaps, their god? That and, far less excitingly, a deeply boring public raid encounter for all levels with Jack of the Lantern, which you’re expected to complete at least ten times to get all the special event cosmetics, along with logging in at least ten days of the event. (Logging in rewards an item that you have to defeat Jack to open, as well as other goodies. You can fight Jack once an hour, though, so you can pop in to collect your pumpkin and then quit and fight Jack a bunch when you have more time.)

        But hey, the cosmetics are fun (and optional), and the fight’s nowhere near as irritating as Flappy was during the last event, so I’m not complaining too much. It’s just not an interesting encounter is all.

        • duns4t says:

          Good to know! I have been away from the game since Legends released and assumed that the holiday events would have all the previous content and likely some additional new.

          Shame the game is online-only, anyhow. It would be nice to know I can drop in 5-10 years from now to revisit content regardless of the MMO’s status. Would pay a significant price just for that, since it’s probably my all-time favorite game world.

  39. WombatDeath says:

    I expect it’ll be Hexcells Infinite and Desert Golfing, again. I think I have a problem.

  40. pegolius says:

    I will forget how a PC looks like and will blindly delve into the black hole that is Super Mario Odyssey, not to return from it for a considerable amount of time.

  41. Hyperion says:

    Grim Dawn. havent played any of these types of games since Titan Quest.

  42. Premium User Badge

    Iamblichos says:

    Stardew Valley, because I had forgotten how badly it inflames my completionist tendencies :D By the time I remembered it was toooo laaaate…

  43. Monggerel says:

    Bloodborne. Fate winked at me and now I can play Bloodborne for a while, hopefully beat it.

    20 hours in, it’s… uh, it beggars belief. It might just be the most complete game I ever played. It is not perfect (hell-ooo, frenzy song fuckers), but… every creative decision made with the intricate precision of a swiss watchmaker, tempered in the foul clotted humours of a thousand lonely madmen, submitted to judgment before a razorminded, Hannibal-esque cold-bloodedness and contempt for humanity… all united under the baroque, grandiose anguish of gnostic tragedy.
    We gaze into the abyss, and it gazes into us, because of that nameless longing which unites beast and god, the link between profane and divine. Because of a mutual desire for an impossible union. Separated. Separate. Forever.
    Also hitting monsters with big weapons and zigzag dodging for dear life is fun. Like Dark Souls on crystal meth.

    Bloodborne. Goddamn. I *can* even, but it’s difficult. It’s like playing Planescape: Torment with fresh eyes again. And I once complained that the color scheme was too muted.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      What I love about it is that the game systems are as tortured and baroque as the world itself. The entire thing is a thematic masterpiece – moreso than the Dark Souls series, if you ask me. Also canesword FTW.

    • Thulsa Hex says:

      Someday I will have a PS4 in my possession, temporarily or permanently, just so that I can finally play this properly. While visiting a friend once, I was able to play up until defeating the Cleric Beast and it was glorious. As a Dark Souls veteran it was wonderful to experience something that shared core DNA, but with unfamiliar rules and unique lore. And that art direction! The Gothic/Victorian aesthetic is just astoundingly beautiful ans spooky. I was completely sold, but cannot currently justify another system, considering the (growing, pulsating, writhing) PC, Switch, and 3DS backlog.

      • AutonomyLost says:

        I have a spare PS4, as I purchased the Pro version after it was released as well. I’ll send it your way WITH Bloodborne for nothing more than shipping, seriously.

        Bloodborne is incredible, though I genuinely can not enjoy playing it due to the frame-rate and frame timing problems that were never addressed. If you believe you can get past those issues, lemme know through here with your email address and we can further correspond.

        • Thulsa Hex says:

          Oh, wow. That is a seriously kind offer. A potential catch is that I live in the US. If you reside over this part of the world, I would definitely consider taking you up on it. Are you on the RPS forums? I could DM you? I’m Thulsa_Hex there.

          (I’m making this way too complicated — my email address is my user name without spaces @gmail.)

  44. zkluhman says:

    John’s too busy playing Elex, clearly.

  45. Shazbut says:

    I am playing Doki Doki Literature Club, which is a free and short visual novel on Steam. It’s really cute and romantic and I’m having a great time

  46. The Bitcher III says:

    Passing on Wolfy Two as the Titanfall 2 campaign scratched the FPS itch quite nicely. Got DXMD lined up but the bloody thing won’t play.

    Thus I plundered the backlog and came up with Get Even. Which I assumed was a cold blooded cinematic shooter. Oh no. No, no, no. It’s a horror. A horrific horror. A very very horrific horror. Plenty of substance in the production and writing, or so it appears 5 hrs in. Sean Bean is great. It borrows extensively from the best part of Evil Within 1 (the recurring asylum), and wraps it around a real psychological thriller / crime / mystery, which at this point is looking pretty tasty.

    Aside from that, I’m deeply enamoured by Squarecells, and am running out of steam with the last quarter of Super Mario 3d World. Would love to finish off Dishonored 2 but lost my save :(.

    Destiny 2 I deeply crave but cannot justify the 40 quid when I’m really only interested in the campaign.

  47. Stone_Crow says:

    I wonder what Pip is up to this weekend (kicks stone, wanders off)

    • Spuzzell says:

      Pip is making Halloween Ghost mini-muffins.

      And is also on Twitter.

  48. zulnam says:

    Since that’s what the cool kids at work are playing, i got PUBG and it’s surprisingly fun in a group.

  49. drewski says:

    Destiny 2 as much as I can, with bursts of Medieval Total War 2 interspersed when I can’t use the monitor on my main PC.

  50. shagen454 says:

    Damn, bogged down with high budget, mediocre experiences, right now. Playing Destiny 2 on PC, it’s a treat to look at but hard to sit down with for long periods of time, still trying to figure out if it was a waste of $60.

    Then I’ve started playing Evil Within 2, will figure out how to get it in first person mode this weekend. Haven’t played it long enough to decide if it’s any good since so many games these days are as boring as a roach nest resting for the first few hours (not Divinity Original Sin 2 though – that’s a game that starts off swinging out of the gate).

    Played a few hours of Wolfenstein II – the last game was boring AF for hours upon hours until it became one of my favorite shoot em ups in years. Pretty sure this game will be similar, slow start to pure awesome, eventually – hopefully.

    Watched some Stranger Things, liking it better than the last season.

    I also recently bought into the PUGB hype train and have been really enjoying that – when I have the cajones to actually play it.

    Two more months of 2017 – I think Divinity Original Sin 2 is going to be, without a doubt, my game of the year. Followed by PUBG and Zelda, everything else has mostly been a snoozefest for me.

    • Hoot says:

      Divinity OS 2 is also my Game of the Year, hands down.

      I really, really enjoyed the Wolfenstein : The New Order though so my next full money purchase will probably be the new Wolf. Thing is I have that much of a backlog buying new games is hard to justify. I mean only just before I bought D:OS 2 did I finish the first game. It had been in my library for years.