Ex-Witcher 3 devs’ open-world stealth RPG Seven out next month


We may not have a clear idea of what the future holds for the Witcher series, but here’s something to tide you over: an isometric, open world, stealth-centric RPG from sometime Witcher 3 senior quest designer Jakub Rokosz and his new team, Fool’s Theory. We’ve known about Seven: The Days Long Gone for quite a while now, but all of a sudden it’s due for release in December.

Seven is a post-apocalypse-themed game, and seems to have opted for a collision between Falloutish sci-fi and traditional fantasy RPG magic. It tells the tale of master thief Teriel’s journey across the sandbox prison island of Peh, making what sound like Witchery decisions about whether to help or abuse its citizens as he does. Though he’s a stealth sort of fellow, apparently he’s fairly handy in a straight fight too.

Here’s a vid introducing its world…

…and a minty-fresh one showing the kinds of ways you can move around it:

Another one of the CD Project alumni working on Seven is Witcher 3 composer Marcin Przybyłowicz, incidentally.

Seven’s due out on 1 December, so around a fortnight’s time, and you can eyeball/wishlist it on Steam and GOGif you so wish.


  1. Hyena Grin says:

    First I’ve heard of it, but it looks good! Haven’t seen a stealth title quite like this before. Gonna have to look a little deeper.

    • jdogburger says:

      A little reminiscent of Shadow Tactics, which I still need to finish

      • Unclepauly says:

        Shadow Tactics is so good.

        • Leemstradamus says:

          I really wanted to like that game but just couldn’t get into the demo. May have to have another look at it

  2. heretic says:

    Looks pretty good! Not sure about the voice over in those videos though :P

    Also will have to see how the disappearing geometry feels like in practice.

    Still though, looks neat!

  3. DancesWithSheep says:

    I’ve seen disappearing geometry and remembering it working, but can’t think where specifically although the verticality here does add more. Watching the videos tickles my gaming fancy and while I’m not likely to go pre order from what I’ve just seen its not going to take much for it to be a day one purchase.

    • Flavorfish says:

      I’m skeptical that an isometric perspective is going to fit naturally with a focus on layered verticality, but it looks like they have put work into providing cues at your elevation.

  4. Thulsa Hex says:

    I didn’t know of this before but it looks promising. Curious to see what the writing is like.

  5. Werthead says:

    Interesting! It looks a bit like Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (one of my top games of last year, hoping for news of a sequel soon) but with some extra options for the less-stealthily inclined.

  6. vahnn says:

    Looks kinda neato.

  7. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    This looks really cool.

  8. Turkey says:

    Do all ex CD-Project guys get a folder filled with unused Cyberpunk assets as a severance package deal?

  9. Vilos Cohaagen says:

    Looks very interesting. I shall follow it with interest and hopefully pick it up at some point.

  10. poliovaccine says:

    There are so many games with an isometric perspective where I wish you could pan the camera down to ground level. In fact, it’s kind of all of them.

  11. Leemstradamus says:

    Looks pretty dope! I’m going to start following it. May be a day one purchase.