Three cars and the truth: a belated Project Cars 2 demo

My 2018 prediction: the demo is coming back, baby, back. With so many games to choose from, and so many big names that haven’t chart-topped with the expected ease, The Man will pursue new ways of making people crave his output. By new ways, I mean old ways. Free, limited demonstration editions of videogames: they are the future.

Earlier this week, Bethesda offered a belated Wolfenstein 2 trial, and now Project CARS 2 has also embraced the promotional techniques of yesteryear. There’s now a three car/one track demo available for the hyper-realistic, ultro-graphics racer.

The cars on offer in the 3.4GB demo are the Ferrari 488 GT3, Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4, and Formula Renault 3.5, all of which get to go vroom-vroom in the laser-scanned recreation of the Red Bull Ring. The demo also supports cybergogs, if you have a pair sitting around, although the Extremely Shiny car graphics are more likely to benefit from a very big and high resolution monitor.

In our Project CARS 2 review, RPS’ all-time greatest-named contributor Stirling Matheson found Slight Mad’s sequel to be impressively slick but with a few flies in the glossy ointment. A demo is a mighty fine way of establishing just how much said flies will bother you, I reckon.

You can grab the demo from Steam, while the game itself is currently discounted by 40%, making it $36/£27/€36, or $54/£42/€54 for the deluxe edition.


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    distantlurker says:


  2. Da5e says:

    This is super fun if you have a wheel and a technohat.

  3. grimdanfango says:

    Hmm, I might give it a go just to see what I’m missing… because I won’t give them another penny so long as they still have a bullying narcissist as a CEO.

    • Unclepauly says:

      So screw everyone else that worked on the game. Their success all should be flushed because they have a crap CEO.

      • grimdanfango says:

        They’re free to go work for someone else. I don’t wish them misfortune, I just take exception to being openly bullied by a company I paid £40 to, and on whose forums I only ever communicated politely, just because I wasn’t expressing enough fawning adoration for them, and had the nerve to discuss bugs in the game – that sort of thing doesn’t sit well with SMS’ boss.
        At the end of the day, employees get their wage… the company owner will see most of the money from any huge successes, and I don’t intend to give him any more.

  4. GomezTheChimp says:

    Hyper realistic?

    • LuNatic says:

      Semi-sim. Similar to the Forza main series.

      • mukuste says:

        Really? I was led to believe that Project Cars was firmly on the ‘true sim’ side.

      • Fingolfin says:

        No way. I don’t want to start a Project Cars vs Assetto Corsa debate, but comparing it to Forza is ridiculous.
        While Forza may be a very good and fun arcade game for playing with a pad, I tried the demo with a wheel and the car physics didn’t seem believable at all, and the force feedback was really disappointing.