Have you played… Superflight?


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A wingsuit sim/acrobatic challenge game with glorious scale and a breathtaking sense of speed. It flew under the radar last year – what doesn’t, these days? – but in these quieter weeks during the year’s cruellest months, now is very much the time to seek out Superflight‘s tangible, giddying escapism.

If you’re on of those who for some reason cannot cope with the existence of other games that use a Minecrafty aesthetic a) oh come on b) this looks far more dramatic in motion than it perhaps does in screenshots. Those blocks at that scale, with motion blur and convincing wind effects – oh boy oh boy.

A tiny treat, but it doesn’t work only on the basis of ‘wheee!’ – its challenge aspect is also TIGHT. The instant restarts and no mucking around of a Trackmania, the gradual growth in confidence that sees you move from hesitantly circling a large rock pillar during an early attempt to soaring through the eye of a needle mere minutes later. ‘Tis a joy, I say – a joy.


  1. Shinard says:

    Hey, nice, sounds like my kind of thing. The description kind of reminds me of Refunct, and that works for me. I guess that’ll go on the list with the other… wait, it’s £1? OK, cool, guess I know what I’m playing this evening.

  2. Bahumat says:

    I jumped on this the instant RPS first showed it to me; as a big fan of the early Dejobaaan “AAAAAAAH!” series, this was a lot of the things I wanted all at once.

    The thing I like best about the game is how quickly you can get into it and get out of it. It is one of those perfect “Time to kill 5 minutes!” games.

    It is also transcendent when you play it while streaming music, anything from a blissful zenned-out float-along to some trance music, on up to a hard-charging bat-back-into-hell hellride to some hard rock.

  3. Premium User Badge

    The Almighty Moo says:

    Yes, and it’s great. Thanks RPS, I wouldn’t have caught this without you.

    • Blackcompany says:

      Same here. And its a darned fine game.

      Figured I would pick it up, goof a bit, and put it away again. Seeing as how it only does one thing.

      Day 1 and six hours later…I still play it. Sure, it only does one thing. But it does so, so very well. Its a simple, pure sort of fun. More games could learn from this tight focus on just doing or two things very well.

  4. poliovaccine says:

    Awesome – there are surprisingly few games which are centered entirely around flying being awesome. I mean there’s a good few actually, but considering how innately the eternal dream of human flight should enmesh with the technological ability to craft fantasy simulations, I feel like games could have almost landed on flight being their central mechanic, if someone hadn’t had the bright idea of shooting guns instead.

    • Lawlcopt0r says:

      Shooting guns while flying is also great though. I mention this because I loved the angel wings in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, and I also wonder why unrestricted flight is so rare in gaming.

  5. Catterbatter says:

    Superflight is ridiculously good! When you’re building a combo there’s this coin-jingling sound, then when the combo is over it adds the points to your score with a cash register ching. It’s hard to describe how satisfying that is. When you’re really doing great — when you’re just on the edge of control — there’s a racket like a thousand slot machines paying out jackpots, wind is roaring, the screen is shaking… Then you pull away from it, and there’s the ding. Amazing.

  6. Mr Bismarck says:

    One great thing about Superflight is that it uses seeds.

    So you can, for example, enter the seed “constablebutterfly” (lower case), and enjoy smashing your face against this very early chute.

  7. woppyce says:

    Looks fantastic but the recommended system specs are really harsh. I mean even if I wanted to upgrade good luck finding a store that has a Geforce 12000 in stock.

  8. corinoco says:

    Great buy at the moment on Steam too.


    No mouse control. WUT?

    The controller used in almost every game since 1995? How do I play this on the train on my laptop now?

  9. Urthman says:

    Here’s some cool world seeds to try:
    Death Star

  10. Bobtree says:

    I like Superflight, but the screen shaking can’t be disabled, and playing it safe to rack up a high score gets quite boring. It would be much more compelling with a mode better tuned for risk vs reward and short term score chasing.

    • Foosnark says:

      I figured encouraging risk-taking is why there’s a “best combo” tracker as well.

      I like that the intensity of the game depends entirely on how you play it. It’s good for chilling out or white-knuckle vertigo-inducing stunts.