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3 Out Of 10 is a weekly playable sitcom, free on Epic

Lights, Camera...

We've got sitcoms based on game development, so hows about repaying the favour with a playable comedy series? That's the idea behind 3 Out Of 10, an interactive animated series from Mothergunship developers Terrible Posture Games. Debuting on the Epic Games Store today, each week should see the release of a new episode following the hijinks of a hapless gamedev studio trying to create their first half-decent hit.

Going from hyper-arcadey shooters to an animated series is a hell of a jump for Terrible Posture, mind. You can decide for yourself whether it's paid off with a peep at 3 Out Of 10's reveal trailer.

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As a gamedev team writing a satirical gamedev show, Terrible Posture promise a "loving, satirical look at game development", with gaffs going from mobbish fans to awkward pitch meetings. Sequences shift from conversational, story-driven moments into more freeform exploration of the studio, dipping into minigames whenever the first episode's protagonist (new hire Midge) helps out around the office.

It all sounds quite freeform, letting you dip in and out of story beats and optional game segments at leisure. But while pinned as a livingly absurd look at the games industry, there's still plenty of that endless screaming and "naked blokes pelvic-thrusting against filing cabinets" vibe that seems endemic to "adult" animated series' these days. I didn't gel with it, personally, but hey. Comedy being subjective and all, it just might be your bag.

If you're willing to give the first episode a look, it's currently free over on the Epic Games Store - with new chapters arriving each week for the rest of the season's 5-episode run.

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