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3030 Deathwar Redux leaves early access next month

Elite meets Lucas Arts

Remember 3030 Deathwar, the 2D open world RPG in space? Adam wrote about it in 2014, calling it a "remarkable and enormous game". Well, there's an updated version with new quests, polished graphics and more characters coming out of early access next month (13 September, to be exact).

3030 Deathwar Redux [official site], like the original, is an open-world RPG combining adventure game with 2D Elite-style exploration and combat. The new version provides "an extended adventure, with more characters and content, graphical enhancements, balancing and gameplay changes, a smoother experience and tons of other improvements," developers Crunchy Leaf Games say.

The range of things you can do in its 30 star systems sounds pretty impressive. If you want to take on simple delivery jobs to save up money for a better ship, you can. Or you can fire up the boosters and hunt down some derelict ships, space walk into them and nab the loot. It reminds me a bit of Freelancer in that regard.

The description of the overarching plot line is fairly vague, a tale of "intergalactic intrigue" that ties together a Tao-ist group with a bent mechanic.

The image at the top of this post shows the out-of-ship exploration parts, which mostly take past in bars on space outposts, and here's a shot of the top-down ship segments so that you get an idea:

3030 Deathwar Redux spaceship

It's £10.99/14,99€/$14.99 on Steam.

And here's the trailer from the initial Early Access release last year:

Cover image for YouTube video

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