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4 Hour RPG

This is tiny and brilliant. 4 Hour RPG is a randomly generated dungeon hacker made by Jan Willem Nijman for The Poppenkast's friendly four hour competition. We picked it up via Indiegames, and it's a riot. The Necromancer is best - I'd love to see this idea developed a little more with some serious player-defined options. The four scenarios require a particular level of character to play properly, so I've posted the controls and the relevant level instructions below the cut. A direct download is here.

WASD - Movement
Left click - attack
Right click - special move
Space - Level up
R - restart (random level)
F4 - full screen
ESC - quit

Recommended levels to play properly:
plains - 1, forest - 3/4, cave - 6/7, desert 9/10

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