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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Weekends are very exciting for me up here in Scotland because not working means I have time to go outside during sunlight hours. Sunlight minutes, I suppose. But with all this darkness (solstice is December 21st, gang!) that leaves plenty of time to be indoors, huddled around fires, perhaps playing some video games? Here's what we're clicking on this weekend.

Adam: Diablo III is my game for the weekend. I fell back into it earlier this week, attracted by the upcoming Diablo I stuff announced at Blizzcon. I've never actually finished the base game because I have a habit of starting fresh every six months or so when I feel (as now) a sudden desire to click on a screen until everything is dead. This time I'm determined to finish at least once, mainly to see if higher difficulties are even vaguely difficult. I do enjoy the crunchiness of the kills and the central loot loop still satisfies me. It's a podcast game. I'm listening to Andy Daly as I play.
Alec: This weekend I will still not be playing Dishonored 2, it appears. Boo! Boo! That's OK, I still have a 27 hour drive left to finish in American Truck Simulator, which is all I really want to do anyway.
Alice: I'm back in The Binding of Isaac, trying to knock off a load more unlocks before the new expansion arrives (probably) in December. I'm already so bored of fighting Hush. I've not even unlocked The Lost yet either, stymied by level generation on the rare occasions I get the Missing Poster. But I do really want The Lost's super duper items. Cara and I have started Dishonored 2 too, though we're playing on PS4 and I'm still a bit wonky with controllers. There's that Steep open beta weekend.
Brendan: I'll be playing Guess The Next Twist in Westworld, a TV show about a super-realistic version of Red Dead Redemption's forgotten multiplayer mode. I have seen some game designers comparing themselves to Anthony Hopkins' character, the designer of "the park", likening his philosophy with their own tenets of game design. They do this without realising: a) this character is intended to be creepy af. b) they are more like the uppity British "head of narrative" who gets drunk and pisses everywhere.
Graham: I have installed Dishonored 2, but not yet played it. I've also installed ISLANDS, which looks delightful, and a third game I've already forgotten. It's lost now among my too-long list of installed Steam games I never play. I hope it makes friends.
John: [John has been fired. You doubted me, but have you seen him write anything new this week?]
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing... boardgames, I hope. There are a couple on my shelf which I haven't had a chance to try and a whole couple of days in which to entice people to my house with promises of apple crumbles and other treats. If no-one takes the bait I suppose I will be eating my way through an apple crumble alone. I am entirely okay with that.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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