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48 Hours To Live: RPGDX 2-day RPG Compo

I always like this kind of community experimental games compos. RPGDX have finished their 48 Hour RPG competition, where developers attempt to do everything on a small game in 48 hours. They're voting on the results now. The theme this year is "side-scrolling". I haven't had a chance to play them all, but the pair which are leading the voting - Ham Sandwich RPG and Feyna's School Project certainly are impressively completely envisioned. Also, one stars a Sandwich, which is making me peckish. Others look fun - the more unfinished Jade Figurine - pictured - is actually impressive in looks, and its Golden Axe/Barbarian approach one I think pursuing. Well done everyone. Find some videos of the games beneath the cut, or follow the links to see more.

Ham Sandwich RPG speed run:

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Which, I guess, is some kind of fast food.

Also, the Jade Figurine:

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I wonder - what sort of game would you try and make in 48 hours? Assuming a bare minimum of coding and developmental ability, ideally what you do possess (i.e. I would probably mod something. Or do something in hyperbasic).

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