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Zany To The Max: 75 More Games Get The Steam Greenlight

Brought to you by Yakko Warner

Valve have greenlit another 75 games for release via Steam. If you're a writer covering game news, this poses a problem. Do you only mention the games readers might already heard of? This current batch includes the Kickstartering Chaos Reborn, the (also Kickstartering) Duelyst from former Diablo 2 and Rogue Legacy devs, the fiddly platforming roguelike Catacomb Kids, plus Hero Trap, Lemma, and a few others we've already covered on these pages.

Do you attempt to mention the other 65 games which people probably don't already know? This latest batch includes a great many games in which static drawings of anime characters hover near menus, for example.

Or do you attempt to fit the game names into the lyrics of an Animaniacs song?

To the tune of Nations Of The World:

Three Dead Zed, Luria, Sentinel, Armada
Date Warp, Kyn, Final Slam 2
Half-Life Awakening, Deadskins and Paragon
Motte Island, LEVEL 22

Abort! Abort! This is taking too long and is too hard and I have other stories to write. There's just no perfect way to summarise seventy-five games appearing on your Steam-powered radar. So just go look at the list.

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