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78641 - It Is The Fun Game?

Kieron spotted this in the 2010 IGF list. Called 78641, it purports to be an English translation of the classic Esperanto game, Pato Viro Simulilo. It's, um, sort of an adventure game, but mostly an exercise in surrealism. And unlike most things that people label "surreal", this isn't just "silly" or saying "fish" a lot - it's a genuinely surreal and often unsettling experience. In the game you play Doug Beachez, a frying pan. Who sells dildos.

It's mostly about conversations with various other characters, be they thugs, old men who attack you with sentences, or murderous leaves. There's a few minigames to play, and some sort-of action sequences, but mostly it's about experiencing disconnect, and then staring in shock at some of the language. It's clearly in NSFW territory with it's "dick selling" activities, and may cross some other lines. I was slightly taken aback when a character declared, "I cannot part with this [picture of Swayze]. Patrick Swayze is dead of the AIDS. Better luck next time." To which the frying pan replies, "I hope you kill yourself in the hopes you are reincarnated as something other than a gypsy next time." I'm just saying.

You can get the full game from this link here. It's... an experience. Here's the trailer:

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