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A 26 Second Peggle 2 Trailer

E3 should be a brilliant time of the year. Even if there's nothing good to see, it's at least fun to gather on Twitter and mock what's being presented. I'm usually there, at the Command Station 3000 (my desk), dropping truth bombs (tweets) with the incisiveness of of Eminem crossed with Jed Bartlet ("Lol, me make fun of E3"). But this year, I just couldn't face EA at E3. All I could imagine were shinier helmets on sports games, and the hollow promises of excited producers shilling for a Next Generation that seems to already be lagging behind what I viewed as the current one. And because of that world-weary attitude, I managed to miss the announcement of a few games I actually had an interest it. One of those being Peggle 2, which is what the trailer below remixes.

So I'm sure this is exactly what it was like being there, including the rainbows and the man riding the unicorn. What most gets to me, though, is the scream right at the end. That's the scream of a man who's had his soul torn asunder, who's had to imagine a game full of rainbows and Ode To Joy while working for the people who attempted to monetise Dead Space 3 weapons.

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So, Peggle 2? Can it be good? Cast your votes.

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