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A Bounty Of Blood: White Space

Procedural bounty hunting

Curve Digital have just released the first video of White Space, a procedurally generated bounty hunter game, in which spaceships skim across the surface of colourful planets, evading and fighting in the trenches of alien canyons. The procedural planets will no doubt draw comparisons to No Man's Sky but my brain went to Captain Blood first. Sure, that was a game mostly about communication, whereas White Space seems to be about hunting and pew-pewing, but the geometry of the jagged terrain has echoes of Blood's glorious fractals.

Whenever I look at No Man's Sky, I wonder what I'll actually be doing minute to minute when I play it. I'm perfectly happy just to fly around but the videos have shooting and I think there are goals and I'd like to know more about what those goals are. White Space has very obvious goals in the form of bounty targets and hunting them will involve exploring planets, pursuing and then engaging with rockets and guns.

There's no evidence of procedural flora or fauna in the video, but the planets themselves look magnificent. The video demonstrates how changing the colour of the sky can create a whole new atmosphere but it's the beauty of those skies and the angular desolation of the ground that really sells the aesthetic. Colour me intrigued (it's similar to fuchsia).

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