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A Boy And His Blob Bouncing Onto PC

Hug that blob!

As magical childhood friends go, a wee alien blob which transforms into different objects when it eats jellybeans is a pretty good one. He's the co-star of A Boy and His Blob [official site], WayForward's re-imagining of ye olde A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia (cracking subtitle, that) from the NES in 1989. The adorable puzzle-platformer debuted on Wii back in 2009, and is only just making its way to PC now. All those jellybeans surely must slow one down. But come January 19th, it'll be here.

There's trouble on the planet Blobolonia, see, then the blob arrives on Earth and befriends the boy and together they- look, the important thing is that you can hug the blob whenever you want. It's got a hug button, just because. Who wouldn't want to hug that cutie? Well, maybe not when he's transformed.

Feeding the blob different flavours of jellybeans will transform him into items including a parachute, a rocket, a bowling ball, a space hopper, and a hole dropping you down through the level. Handy for solving puzzles, that, and also murdering nasty monsters. And then you hug him for doing good murders. Good blob. Good murders. I love you.

A Boy and His Blob will arrive on Steam and GOG on January 19th. Have a peek:

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