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A Brew-lliant Idea: Ampu-Tea

The reason tea is so ubiquitous in Britain is because it is easy to make. It allows us to devote time to other British pursuits, like apologising or being flooded. You put the bag in the water and then you have tea. All you need is patience and working limbs. If you take away even one of those, then tea-making grinds (hah!) to a halt. Ampu-Tea is a survival horror game (if you're British) about a soldier attempting to make tea with his newly attached robot limb. It's like Surgeon Simulator 2013, but with mugs. The man in the trailer below is also quick to temper, which makes tea-ing even harder. Ah, post-traumatic stress. Hilarious!

As you can see, the influence of the flaily surgery sim is all too clear, and there's even a mug in the game that thanks them for the inspiration. Aw, that's nice. The rest is standard stuff: a difficult to control robot arm with independent finger, height, and direction controls that you need to balance perfectly in order to grab a mug, a teabag, the water, and sugar. Everything is precariously placed and wobbly. Can the joke sustain another game? It looks like a fun little diversion. I could see kids giggling away at this, actually.

Cover image for YouTube video

There is a longer look at the mechanics, but it has been made by an American and I'm not sure he quite understands the subtleties of the tea process.

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