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A DAB Hand: Inside My Radio

"a green LED trapped inside a dying boom-box"

Inside My Radio [official site] is a platforming game with a rhythm action beat. Levels are made up of the usual hazards you'd expect while running and jumping from left to right, but all of your movements must be performed in time to the music that runs alongside each level. We've written about it before, and the video below isn't new, but Iceberg Interactive have agreed to publish the game. That's news. And I wanted to point people toward the original Ludum Dare prototype. But there's more...

I'm mainly posting this because I started playing Crypt of the Necrodancer last week and absolutely adore it. I thought the music would be a gimmick but it's a wonderfully clever way to create urgency and if Inside My Radio is half as good, it will be great.

Taking on the role of a green LED trapped inside a dying boom-box, players will jump, dash, and slam through a handcrafted musical landscape where their actions compose a song. Each level offers its own musical style such as electro, disco and dub, with each level bringing different characters and storylines to interact with and experience.

The description of the "player character" is great. I'd love to play more games where I can control a green LED trapped inside a dying boom-box. Heck, I'd be happy to control a gruff soldier as long as he was trapped inside a dying boom-box from time to time.

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