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A Grey Of Light: UFO: The Two Sides Beta

That looks familiar, you may think. And you'll think right. It's UFO: The Two Sides which is a freeware fan-remake of X-COM/UFO which has just entered the open Beta stage. And having a few quick missions, it's an impressively complete thing. The big change is that when it's complete, you'll be able to play the aliens rather than the humans. At the moment, it's more conceptual - you select aliens, but there's no Human AI (Which you could take as a particularly sharp piece of commentary on humanity's nature, if you wished) though you can play the two-player with one person as aliens and one person as humans. Apart from the usual Beta issues (i.e. It's a Beta) the main problem is that there's no sound and some missing graphics... unless you run an extractor which takes them from your legitimate copy of X-COM and puts them in the game. In other words, promising stuff and totally playable even now. There's been a few small editions since the beta went up, so I'll direct you at the blog where you should download from the latest post. And here's some footage...

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Thanks to Casimir's Blake for the heads up on this.

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