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A-Mused: Make Collaborative Music With Muse

Good morning RPS! We found something beautiful, intimate and personal you can do with friends, and it has nothing to do with naughty bits: it's Current Circus' new game Muse, an exploration game with procedural audio generation. You begin the game as a spirit traversing an environment full of neon anemones, floating jellyfish, glowing coral, and as you inspire musical creatures they begin to build your composition. You can then modify and visualise your personal song by discovering features throughout the world. Have a look at the video: it's just what everyone needs on a Monday morning.

Just finishing up at PAX Australia, the team at Current Circus showed Muse at three days of play sessions, and although it is still a work in progress it looks like it's in good hands. Within the game you can play as an adventurer, a musician or both, and you don't need any musical ability to be able to collaborate on a musical experience. It is built so that expressive movement is enough to create the sounds you want. One of the most lovely things about this game is that it seems like playing together is at its core: creating a relaxing, interesting audio experience that can be organically changed and adapted by the people who collaborate. Compositions can be tweaked and remixed by interaction with 'Wonders', entities that can change the music in unique ways.

Current Circus say the game will be built in collaboration with its community. It also has multi-screen support and will be released late Q3 on PC, with later platforms planned. You can find out more about Current Circus here and Muse here.

It's good to be back on news for a while, RPS! I wonder if Current Circus will consider putting in some Blackout-era Britney? It's been a while... and I bet those anemones are just dying for some trash-pop.

(I am so glad I am not on Current Circus' development team, and so are they, frankly. Anyway, hello team. I missed you.)

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