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Become The City In A Place For The Unwilling

City (is) living

A Place for the Unwilling's creators Alpixel Games - the folks that brought us Missing Translation - describe it as a "narrative adventure game where the city is the actual protagonist". They draw comparisons to psychological horror Pathologic and the side quests in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, with a touch of Lovecraft instead of fighting and time-travel, which is quite a combination.

Alpixel say A Place for the Unwilling has "no puzzles or game over screens" so it's just you, the city, and the tales of the civilians within. You're free to explore the world which you oversee, uncover secrets and stories, and in turn shape future events which tie to the future of the city. It looks hella pretty:

The city itself declares:

"I do exist. There are others like me which are nothing but streets of empty buildings decorated with monuments and street lights, but that’s not my case. I have a body, but also a brain and a heart. I can feel people moving inside of me, I can hear hundreds of conversations taking place in my streets right now and even see beings from other realities

"I have been feeling ill lately. There’s something inside of me that does not belong here. I don’t know how it entered or why, but it may be wise to fear it, the dark lurks even in the brightest places and nobody is safe. The following days will play a very important role in the life of the shadows. The pieces are already on the board and the game is about to start."

If that tickles your fancy - although there's much more to go right now - you can follow A Place for the Unwilling's development on the TIGSource forum.

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