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A Self-Serving PC Gaming Wish-List

It's my birthday. I want these things.

- A proper X-COM sequel - not one of those clunky unofficial ones or an open source remake.
- A Transformers MMO
- Dungeon Keeper 3
- The Half-Life 2 RTS to go full-blown
- Bioshock 1 recreated with Bioshock 2's engine/combat systems (and a better ending, of course)
- The Elder Scrolls V, but even weirder than Morrowind and with no returning Oblivion writers or actors
- Eyezmaze, the guy behind the ever-charming Grow games, to step up to major development and make something huge, strange and spectacular
- King's Bounty 2, with no recycled content
- Mass Effect 3, right now
- Steam's offline mode to work perfectly
- Aliens Vs Predator Vs Harry Potter
- Some sort of hypno-therapy that makes me incredible at Starcraft 2 overnight
- To never see or hear the phrase "dumbed-down" again
- My two front teeth


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