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A Survival Game With Giant Robots: Goliath Announced


Even silly survival games stay relatively down-to-earth with what you need to collect and craft to survive. Collecting seventeen twigs to weave a colander to drain the spaghetti harvested from spaghetti trees! Collect a stick and three pointy twigs to make a fork to eat the spaghetti! Let's not even start on the effort of whipping up a decent spaghetti sauce. Goliath [official site] is thinking a bit bigger, literally - with mecha.

Recently announced, it'll see folks doing the usual harvest-o-scavenge-a-crafting shenanigans but with giant robots to build. Game Informer compare a demo they saw to Don't Starve.

It sounds like Goliath isn't going too hard on the constant nagging demand for food and water (how are people in survival games always so ravenous?), focusing more on making tools and, obvs, giant robots. It's a campaign rather than a sandbox, see, with a brewing war where you can side with factions, trying to placate it or barrelling straight into robocombat.

Apparently it has dozens of different robots to craft, along with customisable weapons and whatnot. Once you've learned how to make them.

It'll have co-op campaign support and competitive arena battles too.

The game's broadly slated to launch in "early 2016", developed by newcomers Whalebox Studio and published by Viva Media. Here's the announcement trailer:

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