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A Velvet Cage: World of Zoo Animal Creator Demo

Christ, 2Boy have knocked this out quickly, you may think. But no, it's nothing to do with World of Goo. It just rhymes with it. THQ have a forthcoming World of Zoo game, and to introduce us to its land of animal fun, have released this animal creator demo where you get to create and distribute your own cuddly, furry friends. By which I mean, animals, not John Walker. You can get it from here. Alternatively, here's some I made earlier...

This is, at least, relatively practical and where the selection pressure against being bright red will lead the Bengal in a few thousand years of hunting.

(It won't. The selection pressure will lead it to being extinct. Man!)

This is somewhat less practical, but it's not like anyone's not going to see a Giraffe anyway.

Something like 98% of koalas have Gonorrhea Chlamydia. I thought one should look like it actually has it. And has earned it.

My take on the creation kit? A marvelous way to totally confuse your children what animals look like.

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