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A Zombie Is You: Ray's The Dead Trailllllerrrr

Sometimes a pun appears that is so bad that it manages to elevate all other culture. I've tried and failed many times to create such a pun in my lab, and the many RPS comment threads are probably ground zero of several pun epidemics that have taken their toll on the world. It's over. We failed. I've discovered a pun so grotesquely awful that even Simon Cowell's TV shows and celebrity biographies with the word "Dream" in the title have just taken one step up on the culture-o-meter. Ray's The Dead, a Pikmin-like strategy game about a zombie called Ray and his undead friends, has just made the world a better place.

It is pretty cute: driven by Thriller-like '80s synths, powered by a lightbulb in his brain, you'll play a newly risen undead Ray as he avenges his death. He'll create an army as he wanders through town. It's a sort of puzzle-stealth-action game where you're re-enacting moments from zombie films from the zombie's perspective. Ray is the central zombie general, turning his undead friends from the cemetery into stormtroopers and puzzle-solvers: every kill you make is a potential ally in your shambling army, and you can turn them into difference classes for further puzzle and attack options. You can even raise zombie pets.

If it sounds a bit like Stubbs the Zombie, then that's because the developer Rag Tag Studios was co-founded by Stubbs developer Chris Cobb. If it sounds a bit like Pikmin, well let's just go with it. Compare the two with this trailer.

Cover image for YouTube video

It said at the end of the trailer there's a Greenlight page, but it didn't note that there's also a Kickstarter.

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