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You Got Your FPS In My RTS! Abatron Announced

No, you got your RTS in my FPS!

We're busy young go-getters, you and I. We're dynamic, we're vibrant, we live life on the go, and we simply don't have the time to play every video game. We blend our meals into pastes to gulp, so why can't we do the same with video games? We like video games, sure, so what can we do to enjoy more of them more quickly? Don't play a first-person shooter then a real-time strategy game, blend them together! Here, have a look at Abatron on your way to whatever it is you're saving all of this time to do.

Developers W3 Studios formally announced the FPS-RTS last week. It falls far more on the RTS side of the hyrbid, unlike say Natural Selection. Abatron's the usual 'gather resources, build an army, send army out to stand near other army blasting away' RTS model, only you can also jump into any unit and control them directly yourself.

I do enjoy how this creates opportunities for units to become 'heroes,' outsmarting and outkilling their AI-controlled identical siblings. Caring about individual units as anything other than resources to blow can be difficult in large RTS battles, but stepping into their boots can quickly give them stories and builds bonds.

Abatron's built upon Valve's Source engine, so the FPS side should have some nice solid movement. W3 also plan to to support Source's Hammer editor for custom maps, and to release the game's assets for modding too.

And yes, this is a very '90s tone of humans vs. cyberdemons in a sci-fi future:

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