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Abduction Does Gorgeous Stealth In CryEngine 3

Can I declare that we're in the middle of a Stealth Renaissance yet? Because I really want to, but I'm afraid that I'll frighten our good fortune and it'll skulk back into the all-consuming shadows from whenst it came. But come on: between Mark of the Ninja, Dishonored, and Hitman, we're set for the remainder of this year. Now if only we had some under-the-radar contender to leap out of nowhere and shatter our necks with sheer potential. If only. Oh well. I guess you should just leave no-- hrrrggggrrkk [sounds of a neck shattering].

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Creator dark12345 revealed the project, titled Abduction, on the CryEngine dev forums. And while it's obviously a looker, the plan is to back up the beauty with plenty of brains.

"The player must use the coat of the darkness to maneuver and kill their enemies. Players can set traps, rig rooms, spy on foes and gain information to help progress through the game. Weapons are very dangerous and being seen will surely be your demise."

On the pre-release docket, meanwhile, is more advanced AI, a distraction system, and full-blown cinematics. So yes, I certainly like what I'm seeing. Or not seeing at all and harboring a nerve-wracking but healthy fear of, as it were. Now then, can anyone remind me how one deal's with a broken neck? You put it in milk first, right?

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