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Absolute Drift is free on GOG if you come in clutch to snag it

Drift into the weekend with some arcade racing

Alright driving game folks, here's an agility test for you. Absolute Drift is free on GOG until midday on Saturday. I believe in your ability to come in clutch and punch the redeem button before the countdown clock ends. This arcade-y racer has you test your drifting skills in free roam challenges and event challenges to the beat of some sweet tunes. GOG are offering the freebie alongside sales on lots of other driving and racing games in their ongoing summer sale.

Absolute Drift: Zen Edition is the free update from 2016 that developers Funselektor Labs released in partnership with Race The Sun developers FlippFly. On top of the main game's three modes and 34 levels, the Zen Edition adds drift line challenges, ghost cars for watching other folks on the same course, and better gamepad conpatibility. It also adds "event challenges" and new nighttime "midnight tracks" for challenging experienced drifters.

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You can snag Absolute Drift for free on GOG until 2pm BST (9am EDT) on Saturday, June 19th. That may well be today by the time a lot of you read this. Stomp the gas, folks.

GOG mention that several other racing games are also skidding into their store for the first time, including GRIP, Urban Trial series, Mashed: Fully Loaded, and Street Racer. You can spot the lot of them on discount over in the racing section of GOG's summer sale page. Funselektor's most recent driving game Art Of Rally is also on sale for 30% discount.

In case you'd forgotten in between the fuss of everything else gaming going on right now, GOG's summer sale is currently in swing and runs through June 28th.

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