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Ace Of Spades Out 9 Days Before End Of World

Blocky multiplayer shooter that's not at all Minecraft with guns, Ace of Spades, is coming out 12/12/12, which is the most terrifying date of all time. Think about it. It's 6/6/6 times two! The number of the beast, doubled. And as John points out, it's nine days before the apocalypse. What's worse is that it will cost 9.99 in the currency of the beast (dollars). If you have a mirror strategically placed on your ceiling, close your eyes and say "Notch" three times. Now look up! It says 6.66! And it's on the digital distribution platform of the beast, Steam. Why? What would happen if you spilled a drink on the Devil? What would come off Mister Hellpants? That's right! Steam... what's that noise? Get out of the house. Flee for your life! It's coming.

In case you were wondering what the Rockateer class looks like, I have a video right here.

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I understand if you take all of the letters of the Da Vinci Code (remember that?), and mix them up they'll eventually form the code for Jagex's surprise shooter. The voxel-FPS managed to charm the pants off of Adam, and he's not one to lose his trousers so easily. He has them specially fitted.

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