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Ace swing 'em up Spiderheck slings out custom trials and maps with portals

Do whatever the heck spiders do

What if spiders had lightsabers is an impeccable premise for a game, and Spiderheck delivers on that premise with aplomb. It's an arena fighting game geared towards couch co-op and couch competition, but there's online play and single-player modes too. Yesterday's "THE TRIALS OF JAZEPS" update added new difficulty levels to wave survival, as well as custom trials you can send to your friends.

It also chucks in some new maps with portals, because the only thing better than a lightsaber-wielding spider is a lightsaber wielding spider suddenly emerging from a portal.

Cover image for YouTube video

It's a rare trailer that can make me glad I'm listening to dubstep.

When you launch yourself at Wave Survival (literally, that's how the menu lobby works), you can now advance through Pain levels. Beating wave 30 at the previous difficulty unlocks a new spider colour along with the next pain level, until you've conquered all seven and unlock the fanciest-coloured spider of them all.

The Trials Of Heck are separate, and play much like wave survival except they're short, sweet and usually themed around specific weapons. The update lets you make your own trials, choosing the map, weapons, modifiers and enemy types. You can then challenge friends to beat your trial, but only once you've beaten it yourself.

The update also adds a layer of Twitch integration, letting Twitch chat "vote on the perk selection during gameplay". You can customise your controls now, too.

Spiderheck delighted Sin Vega, uniting her "love for Webbed" with her "love for chaos". You can only read about that if you're an RPS supporter, though.

A 15% off sale means you can currently grab Spiderheck for £10/$12/€12 on Steam.

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