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Bum-Sliding Fun: Action Henk Leaves Early Access

Hee hee, "bum"

Our Nathan, back when he was our Nathan, was really into sliding around on his bottom. Wait for it, ladies and gentlemen: ...and in the game. He dug Action Henk [official site] back when it was on Steam Early Access and, now that it's properly launched and has a demo, I see the appeal.

It's a time-trialling, leaderboard-chasing 2D racer about grotesque action figures running (and sliding on their bottoms) around courses constructed from toys, all wooden blocks, toy car tracks, and a floor that is literally lava.

So there you are, a hideous toy (including Action Henk himself), racing around toy tracks. They're short, but you could put a lot of time into trying to perfect a run. You need to keep momentum up, perfecting jumps, sliding on your bum round slopes, timing wall-jumps, and knowing when to get up and run. Courses have alternate routes too. Trying to beat your own time, or your mate's, on leaderboards could be a lark. Or you could beat them directly, as it has online multiplayer.

It has a level editor with Steam Workshop support too.

You can get a taste for the early game through a six-track demo which runs through the Unity browser plugin.

Developers RageSquid say the final update pushing Henk out of Early Access was a biggun:

"We didn't want the final update to be just 'removing the Early Access label', so we really tried our best to make the full game stand out. We've added outdoor environments, improved online multiplayer, storyline videos, Twitch chat integration, new characters, new skins and a whole bunch more"

Action Henk will usually run you £10.99/14,99€/$14.99 Steam and the Humble Store, but has a 10% launch discount for now. And here's the launch trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

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