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Adam is leaving for pastures new, so come work for us!

April 26th is his last day

Adam is leaving us. He's scaling the fence, clipping the barbed wire, and diving into a new job in game development. Please join me in saying congratulations to him!


I'll say here what I said to the rest of the RPS team: I am both gutted and thrilled. Adam's been at RPS for almost seven years - longer than I have - and has been a linchpin of the site during all that time. Aside from writing fabulous articles about strategy games, horror games, night drives and so much more, he's also been pivotal behind the scenes. He commissions, he edits, he leads the team in my absence (and very often when I'm here) and, speaking personally, has been an important collaborator and confidant.

But I am of course also thrilled, because Adam is great and deserves this exciting opportunity. No, he can't say yet where he's going, but I'm sure you can start badgering him about it immediately.

All that said: I also see this as an exciting time for RPS. Adam joined after Quinns left. Who will join after Adam leaves? We're advertising for the deputy editor position now, and I can't wait to start talking to candidates.

Adam's last day will be April 26th, so we've still got a month left to enjoy him in the halls and break room of the RPS treehouse. That also means he'll still be at EGX Rezzed from April 13th to 15th - if you want to thank him personally for all his fine words, you'll be able to find him hunched over a game or slumped in a chair on a stage. Until we place him upon a Viking boat filled with printed copies of his 3306 posts for us, set the lot on fire, and float him down the Thames...

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