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After The Storm.... London's Radius Festival

Etoo two

Last year it was Etoo, this year it's Radius and the bulk of it is no longer happening at the same time as the LA monster that is E3, but the purpose is the same - interesting games and nice people at a fairly relaxed, and free, event in That London.

I'm afraid you've missed the initial bit, which was basically a co-ordinated piss-up while everyone watched the E3 pressers, but next week, near Leicester Square, they're running a curated and revolving exhibition of games big and small, on multiple platforms. It's free entry and there's different stuff on each day, so if you're in town it's definitely worth popping in to remind yourself that the games industry isn't all decapitation and claiming that women are too expensive.

There are also evening chatshows, as it were, talking about all things games, which you can either bagise an also-free ticket to join the live audience thereof, or watch it live here. Also promised are "inspirational mini talks, workshops, reports from the other Radius events, and live links to different locations during our Radius Live Internet show."

Games and guests have yet to be announced, which I have to say is a rather missing a trick this late in the day, though a few have been mentioned via Radius' Twitter account. Honestly, I have no idea what'll actually fetch up there, but it sounds like a giggle and a promising antidote to the boisterous overload of E3. The idea is just to go and have a nice time with some nice games, and if you're a nice person presumably that appeals to you.

19th - 21st June, White Space Venue, 5 Great Newport Street, London, WC2H 7HY, again tickets are free and can be applied for here.

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