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AI War Hits v5.0, Light Of The Spire Released

Today, Arcen Games wants you to get in spire(d). Light of the Spire is the biggest expansion for AI War to date, and with its release today it brings with it the series' first story-driven campaign, a new Defender mode that should take "minutes instead of hours" to play, new AI types, new factions, new music and 180 new ships, which is great, as I was just sat here thinking that AI War really needed even more sodding ships. Just look at the size of the update they released back in October! Madness.

That said, I guess if your game is priding itself on being the most unreasonably large strategy game in existence, it only makes sense that the expansions are similarly sized. Or does it? All I know is that the developers at Arcen must see flighty little spaceships when they close their eyes by now.

Today also sees the release of AI War v5.0, which balances almost every combat ship in the game, "revamps golems", tweaks the game's pacing so the dramatic stuff happens sooner and gives your psychotic AI opposition a new "stalking" mechanic "where it lies in wait until the player is at their most vulnerable". Joy. You'll find demos for both the updated base game and the expansion here.

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