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Air Brawl Brings Angry Bats To Plane Warfare

Also, hammers

Imagine my disappointment when I clicked on a link about Air Brawl [official Facebook] only to realise the game didn't have anything to do with the classic Golden Retriever Basketball oeuvre. Instead, Air Brawl - a game about plane acrobatics and flying, gunny death - is intriguing even in the face of a supreme lack of heartwarming doggy yarn. It's been on Early Access for a few months and dodged our gaze until now, but it's never too late to award points to a game which uses bats as legitimate air fighting weapons. Read on!

Think Mario Kart multiplayer with planes that turn on a dime, that's Air Brawl. Watch it in action below, or check it our for yourself in its alpha demo for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The game has been in development for nine months from indie dev Wilhelm Nylund, who calls it "the Team Fortress of plane games" - for example, Air Brawl features a weapon called the Batapult which fires canisters of angry bats, and I can think of no sweeter an end for your foes. You also get anchors, the anti-aircraft weapons of the future, which are harpooned onto enemy vessels, as well as what amounts to different plane "classes."

You may remember it from its days of being briefly on Kickstarter - the developer was looking for 350,000 SEK (about $50,000) but didn't manage to meet their goal. Ah well! Who needs it. The game's on Steam Early Access for Windows, Mac, and Linux at £6.99.

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