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Airships: Conquer The Skies sails out of early access

Build 'em up, break 'em down

What’s better than building giant customisable machines and having them fight? Well, according to Airships: Conquer The Skies, it’s doing all that but nice and high up. If that sounds like your kind of thing, it’s just left early access, so now might be the right time to dive in and get tinkering. Though, I do spy some ground-based combat in their launch trailer – see for yourself:

The game’s been tweaked and patched a-plenty in the days leading up to its release, according to one-man developer team David Stark, though he also promises continued bug squishing for the foreseeable future. He notes that its 1.0 launch also plays essentially the same as it did in early access, but there’s some new music to freshen things up a bit for those who have been building and battling their ships for a while. If the trailer’s anything to go by, you can expect a dramatic suite of strings to accompany all those explosions.

Bug fixes aside, Stark seems to be content with the game’s current state, saying that he's been busy working on “plans and prototypes for the next game.” But the community has its own form of development in the mod workshop, where they show off all of their best ship creations. Personally, I think if you’re not playing with a UFO somewhere in your fleet, something’s gone a bit wrong.

Airships: Conquer The Skies is now available on Steam and Humble with a 20% off sale making it £9.11/€11.99/$11.99, or a touch cheaper at GOG.

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