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Marvelous: Ys VI And Akiba's Trip Coming To PC

Stripping vampires

Another two Japanese action-RPGs are coming our way from PlayStations via Xseed Games, the publisher announced last week, and they're certainly a curious pairing.

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim [official site] is from the long-running, well-received series Xseed have been trickling onto PC for a while now. Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed [official site], on the other hand, is about freeing Tokyo's otaku district Akihabara from vampires by beating them up and whipping their clothes off to expose them to sunlight. Well!

Yes, these vampires get by in sunlight as long as they're covered, and for some reason they're set on claiming Akihabara. Naturally, these means you'll also fight people in costumes, from bears to anime maids, trying to rip their clothing off in beat 'em up battling. They'll do the same to you. And the fact that you can also dress up in weird costumes means it's probably fair, right?

Developed by Acquire, it's the 2013 sequel to Akiba's Trip, and was released on PlayStation 3, PS4, and Vita. This PC port will have the PS4 version's 'Visual Editor' which lets folks fiddle with sliders to add weird effects.

Cover image for YouTube video

Ys VI is, well, more Ys. I've never played Nihon Falcom's action-RPG series, but I hear good things about it. Ys VI was actually originally released on PC in 2003 but only in Japanese. While the later PlayStation 2 and PSP versions had official English translations, PC folks were reliant on a fan translation. This new release will bring a "brand new" translation, widescreen support, warping between checkpoints, and a 'Catastrophe' mode where healing items are automatically used as you pick 'em up.

Here's a peek at Ys VI:

Cover image for YouTube video

Both games are due some time this spring. Ys VI will be on Steam, Humble, and GOG, while it looks like Akiba's Trip is only headed for Steam.

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