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Alas, the Jane Austen MMO has shut down

Not so happily ever after

High society MMO Ever, Jane managed to snag necessary crowdsource funds to get off the ground way back in 2013. The socialising and gossiping online game went through both closed and public beta in the years since, aiming for a full launch at last in autumn 2020. Alas it's gone the other way. Ever, Jane shut down its servers right at the end of 2020, it turns out.

As with so many other games in development, 2020 didn't go as planned for the two remaining developers on Ever, Jane, explained 3 Turn Productions in August. They attempted to keep the game's servers running by asking players to sign up for a subscription, but weren't able to drum up the $500 per month needed to pay for Ever, Jane's servers. The developers announced at the beginning of December that the game would shut down before the end of the month.

Ever, Jane wasn't exactly a looker, but I'm sad to hear it's gone. I've grown weary of traditional MMORPGs over the years and the concept of an MMO based around social maneuvering and dinner parties seemed pretty neat. It had some typical MMO features like player housing that could be decorated along with some more novel concepts like a newspaper that reported the happenings of players.

Apparently all hope isn't entirely lost for our protagonist. "As of now, the game is for sale. Please contact customer support if you would like to make a query," the developers say. Perhaps some heiress could swoop in to rescue Ever, Jane after all.

Ta, Massively Overpowered.

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