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Alice Bell is RPS's new deputy editor, come say hello

Double Alice

The final member of our troika of new hires is revealed: it's Alice Bell, our new deputy editor! The RPS hivemind is restored - and the long national nightmare of me having no one to delegate to is over.

While Noa and Dave have joined RPS to help us expand into new areas, Alice is here to make the things we've always done better. That means writing and editing scintillating features, making sure our reviews are on-point and on-time, and generally supporting the rest of the editorial team to be their best selves.

I'm confident that Alice is going to be great at all of those things and more, because she was already being great at all those things and more as the editor of VideoGamer. For example, writing interesting articles about developers trying to make a horror game while living in the coldest city in the world, or trying to work out what liquid is inside Cuphead's head (subtitle: "Is this vore?"), or definitely just interviewing Nate Crowley the once.

I couldn't be happier that Alice has decided to join us and help make RPS better and also more. Not to raise expectations too high or anything, but oh shit: I think this might be quite good.

So come and say hello in the comments below.

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