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Aliens Vs Predator: Rumble In The Jungle

Wahey - proper footage at last of what looks to be an epic comback for Aliens, Predators and fallen-from-grace Britdevs Rebellion alike. Should we be concerned they're trying to rescue their reputation by revisiting past glories? Nah, not when it looks as good as this. Only the Predator mode is shown off for now, but there's nonetheless plenty of opportunity to ogle the sci-fi FPS' other two species. In motion, it's perhaps not quite as pretty as screenshots suggest, but that doesn't stop it from being the FPS I'm currently most excited by, hapless little nerd that I am.

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Personally, the Pred's the least interesting of the three to me, but that's at least partly because I found his fairly plodding nature in the original AvP less invigorating than the demonic scuttling of playing the Alien or the gravy-thick tension of donning the Marine's frail human flesh. However, this video seems to hint at a more acrobatic Predator, more in line with ol' fish-skin's original movie appearance. Doing the Tarzan thing in large outdoor areas is what the character should be about - and it's hopefully a bold statement that this isn't going to simply be a retread of the AvP-the-first's rather corridor-bound environments.

Oh, lordy-lord: I cannot wait to see the Alien-perspective stuff. Chomp!

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