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Almost Everybody Wins: Counter-Strike Online 2 

This information is coming to me via a blurry video and Google Translate, so I make only a slight claim of accuracy on this. I'm fact, I'm going to create a pseudonym to deliver it. Look over there while I change my clothes. No peeking, now! I'm shy. Right! Ready! Hello, I am Graham Journalism: Games Journalist. I used to host the late night Channel 5 show Game Pad from my front room, but a scandal and a few years in prison has seen me retreat from the public eye. But I'm back now, and my community service demands I make use of my skills. The other day I accidentally Googled "Counter-Strike 2", a finger slip that has proved more than fortunate. It turns out there is such a thing for the Asian free-to-play scene, and it's madder than you can possibly imagine. It's not out yet, but Counter-Strike Online 2 is basically APB.

Well, bits of it are. The Big City map that was apparently recently revealed is Counter-Strike in a sandbox city mode for the free-to-play shooter. The same Terorist vs Counter-Terrorist will apply. It can support up to 100 players, there will be quests to collect, and multi-stage missions to fight in. There are also vehicles to steal. Also, it'll randomly drop bombs on the players, as blurrily seen in the video below.

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I don't know what I'm looking at, but I totally want to try it out. I've already spotted a fun CGI trailer for the game. I'd imagined that the map they were showing off was just an exaggeration, but it looks like you can pretty much dress in sexy war clothes and snipe at people as they're attempting a mission.

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It's not out, and frankly it might never be out in a country where I can easily get access to it, but I'm glad it exists.

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