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Altitude0 Is About Planes, And Not Cows

If you've got a really decent looking indie arcade flight game, a great way not to promote it would be to, say, have the first have of your trailer feature a cartoon cow pratting around for no damn reason. That would be an especially strange idea when your game is about flying small aircraft between slalom poles in a gorgeous engine, because that's what you'd want to show up from so people got excited. Not a poorly rendered cow making stupid noises for 40 seconds. That's a useful tip for any indies out there planning such a thing. Including Gugila, creators of the genuinely impressive looking Altitude0.

Seriously, just skip to 40 seconds. You'll like the game a lot more.

Cover image for YouTube video

Gugila are a Slovenian group of indies, whose rural surroundings apparently inspired the video. The game, as the name might suggest, is about flying really close to the ground, which is great, because that's all I ever try to do in flight sims anyway. (Imagine my disappointment when I played HAWX, and discovered the ground was a lie.) It's focused on competitive online play, and they promise a demo is coming very soon. And I'm looking forward to that, because since the disappearance of Attack On Pearl Harbor I've been craving a new arcadey plane time.

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