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American Fugitive raises a ruckus on PC today

Now with 60% less 'Satire'

When American Fugitive was announced - a game about escaping from jail, staying one step ahead of the cops and avenging your dad's death - I didn't expect it to be as big a tribute to Grand Theft Auto as we've got at launch today, despite obvious similarities. Still, those looking for something more in the vein of earlier GTA games, where the cars were small, the people were even tinier and explosions are frequent, this might be worth taking for a spin. Not to say that developers Fallen Tree Games haven't had a few ideas of their own. Case the joint and the launch trailer below.

Despite the game's initial premise that you've been sent down for a crime you're innocent of, American Fugitive is all about committing plenty more crimes in pursuit of revenge. It's unmistakably GTA inspired. You meet larger-than-life criminals, do jobs for them (often involving committing many actually-your-fault murders), make money and explore an open-world city. Still, it adds a little bit of grit to the proceedings by letting you interact more with buildings. You can use crowbars to break into houses, and then rifle through the place via a mini-game interface, looting equipment for yourself and valuables to be sold later, so long as you have the inventory space.

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While I've not had a chance to play this one myself, I've heard some grumbles from those reviewing it, especially on the subject of mission variety. As with the mainline Grand Theft Auto games, especially the earlier ones, I've been told there's a bit too much back-and-forth fetch-questing, punctuated by the occasional more exciting setpiece mission. Personally I was hoping for something more along the lines of the Driver games - primarily car-chases - but that's just personal preference. Even if this isn't what I'm looking for, it seems like a decent little take on the GTA formula with a little old-school, top-down spin.

American Fugitive is out now on Steam and Humble for £14.39/€15.99/$15.99, and published by Curve Digital.

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