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An Hour Of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Last time we brought you news of Counter-Strike: GO (go go!), we were able to show you nine new images from the game. Nine! That's a lot of global offense. This time, prepare for an offensive overload because there is over an hour of footage waiting for you below, in the form of a competitive match between the United States and Europe. I wouldn't spoil the ending even if I had managed to watch the whole thing, but I have found myself riveted to it for a while - partly to stroke my chin and pretend I'm picking up on every difference, no matter how minute, but also because I'm keen for the Old World to represent itself well in the ancient and storied sport of man-shooting. Scarves, rattles and chants at the ready...

Truly a clash of civilisations. I'd last less than three seconds against those people because I'd be too busy trying to get in character. That, along with my withered reflexes, is why I am terrible at competitive shooters.

There's another, shorter match, which I'll slot in below primarily because Valve's own Chet Faliszek provides some commentary, giving a stronger insight into what Global Offensive is all about.

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