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Anarcute Released! Will the Revolution be Cute?

Stick it to The Man!

If you were really into Rampage (or willfully and cruelly razing your SimCities, or taking the ladder out of the SimPool) you know that there’s something satisfying about total wanton destruction. Super serious Anarchists might want to stay away from Anarcute [official site], however.

Once upon a time it was a zombie apocalypse sim but its French makers, aptly named Anarteam, decided that taking on The Government was the way to go. But it's animals! Kawaii animals. They're bigheaded and extremely excitable. There are pugs and axolotls! It's a salamander. Or a newt. Either way, it's pink and damn cute, and I’m sold.

From trailers, it appears you spend most of the time pulling down the fabric of your cute society to reveal the cruelty beneath, avoiding the brainwash patrol, and gathering rioters with the added bonus of collecting a myriad of cuties. Oh, and killing other not-as-cute animals in riot gear and gas masks. It’s unclear what kind of animal the police are. I won’t take a guess. Anyway, Anarcute is part Rampage, part Katamari, and part riot.

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It's won a whole slew of awards and several of the development team are members of the Klondike Collective - fabulous indie game artists and arcade-cab makers.

Anarcute was released on Steam and today. It's 10% off at Steam. It'll stay that way until July 19th. You can also get it through the game's site.

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