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Artface - Let's Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: Art Edition

See your face in art

Our Adam might have enjoyed Pippin Barr's Let's Play: Ancient Greek Punishment in 2012, but didn't answer one big question: was it... The A Word? Y'know, The Big Chinscratch. The Great Hmmmer. The Old Wallhanger. The Inherited Necklace. Art. Was it Art? There can be no doubt about the free new Let's Play: Let's Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: Art Edition Edition.

It's got 'Art Edition' right there in the name, for starters. This time, as you play Prometheus scaring off the eagle pecking out his liver for eternity, you'll find the game hanging on a wall, and its frame reflecting your webcam-captured face back at you. Just like real Art you see in real galleries!

Yes, through the magic of technology, you can see your own face gawping while you gawp at the Art. I don't have a webcam, so playing it I was instead treated to the reflection of Barr's face blinking and swaying gently. This also makes it theatre - that's defs art too.

It's a delightfully silly take on a very dry argument. As Barr describes it:

It's a game! In a painting! On a wall! In a gallery! In a game! Or something! Marvel as you once again confront that most boring question! Are games art?! Is art some kind of a damn game to you?! You be the (art) judge!

I might get a webcam and hire several dozen people to breeze through my room to complete the experience, pausing behind me for a second to glance then take a photo with the flash on.

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