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And Now Pid Has An Easy Mode

Notoriously gorgeous platformer Pid heralds from a developer called Might and Delight, and that seems about right. (Disclaimer: that rhyme was completely abysmal, and I am highly ashamed of it. Naturally, I've taken my own life in penance.) Sure, it wields a flower bouquet of colorful charm in one hand, but the other's made of pure iron and prone to crushing dreams. The gravity-warping hop-a-thon's even drawn comparisons to the likes of Super Meat Boy in terms of sheer difficulty - albeit sans the latter's wonderfully tight controls. Might and Delight, though, hasn't turned a deaf ear to complaints. Instead, it's released a free easy mode that overhauls the whole game. That's quite an apology.

Might and Delight gave a quick rundown of the new difficulty level on Pid's website, noting that the team's goal was to augment harder modes with a version that could be "enjoyed by everyone."

"In Pid's Easy Mode we have redesigned nearly ALL levels and maybe most importantly made ALL the boss fights shorter and more simple. We have studied the reviews and playthroughs on YouTube thoroughly to determine how we can create a version of the game that can be enjoyed by everyone."

"You can now also change the difficulty mid-game without having to restart the game."

On top of that, Might and Delight has done some smoothing on normal mode's difficulty spikes, so it shouldn't be quite so prone to making shishkebabs out of your patience now.

To be sure, it's an incredible show of support for a game many people have already given them money for. It is, however, a bit of a shame that controls - one of Pid's main lightning rods for criticism - didn't receive much attention. Then again, that could be next on Might and Delight's docket. Fingers crossed.

If you're interested, there's now a demo up on Steam. The full game, meanwhile, is on sale as part of the Big Picture launch spectacularmathon, so you've got options. And you like those, don't you? Because I'm really only doing all of this for your happiness. Oh, and the fabulous wealth. But I mean, I thought that part was obvious.

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