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Angry Street Wanking Man & Other Stories

I'm currently busy being a crap vampire in Skyrim: Dawnguard so I haven't yet had the chance for a close look at the entire contents of The DoggyBag, a free 27-game indie bundle from Karl Adamson, but seeing that one of them is called Angry Street Wanking Man immediately drove me to post about it. "Play as naked wild-haired masturbating man as he seeks his true self" - or, if you will 'a basic platformer starring a stick man paying an extended visit to Madame Palm and her five sisters.' You will be disappointed or pleased to hear that it's not actually terribly NSFW, being as it is an Atari 2600 homage.

Very much sealing the deal was the realist epic that is 'Advanced Going Down the Shops for a Pint of Milk Simulator' which offers both an accurate sim and an arcade mode.

There's shmups and puzzlers and text adventures and all sorts in there, but fear not, onanism does not rear its chafed head in any more of them. They're all very simple, many stem from GameMaker, but most of them raise at least a smile. Some of them are even quite good! They're all the rapid-fire work of one dev, going under the name of Vascillating Dichotomy, making them in his spare time and ably demonstrating that imagination/twisted humour can go along way towards making up for technological short-comings.

He probably wouldn't get along well with 2K's Christoph Hartmann.

More details and download links are right here.

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