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Animal deck-builder Banners Of Ruin enters early access

Look at those burly bears

In any situation where you can choose to have animals on your team you should definitely pick bears, which is part of what looks lovely about turn-based deck-building game Banners Of Ruin. You assemble a team of six grim-faced animal warriors, presumably meaning that I could pick six bears if I were so inclined—and oh am I ever inclined. Banners Of Ruin is now out in early access, so you can pick your own squad of furry fighters. Obviously I recommend the bears.

Banners Of Ruin looks to have all the usual bits you'd expect from deck-building games: cards with numbers on 'em, lovely artwork, and oh-so-satisfying flipping animations. "The Blackfoots have been dealt a mighty blow by the fearsome House Ender—you must infiltrate their defences and cut out the rot," say MonteBearo. "Defeat each of the elite opponents in your path to the city's Guard Captain and cripple the Enders at their core. You and your brethren may fall at this attempt, but there will always be others to carry the torch."

Each of the six animal types have their own special cards and passive abilities. You'll build up your team by leveling your units, looting new cards for your deck, and collecting gear to equip. Looks like there's a bit of an exploration element by way of cards as well which is neat.

MonteBearo say they're planning to release the full version of the game within a year, adding "a larger pool of cards, character passives, and campaign scenarios than those in the Early Access period."

Banners of Ruin is currently 10% off on Steam until August 6th for £13.94/€15.11/$17.99.

I'll now leave you with the wise words at the bottom of the game's store page:

"Don't hesitate to contact us if you're having issues, want to provide some feedback, or just tell us which animal you think is the best :)

(P.S. it's Bears.)"

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