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Another Fine Mesoamerica: CKII Sunset Invasion DLC

Aztec invasions of late 13th century Europe have no place in otherwise believable historical strategy games, particularly not when they threaten to shatter the united realms of slothful hunchback Cormac Whittlestump, ruler of the mighty Empire of Britannia. Crusader Kings II's Sunset Invasion DLC insists on the madness of an Aztec invasion - bringing armies, disease and human sacrifice - and it's the first significant slab of content that I haven't immediately installed. I'm not opposed to its existence but I doubt I'd spend much time with it. Any takers?

I'll probably play a campaign with this second invading threat at some point but right now I'm actually thankful that Paradox don't seem to have added features that are independent of the invasion. If they did that, I'd have to shell out £3.99 because I'd feel like I was missing out, even though I'm perfectly content with what I have.

For clarity's sake, 'what I have' is far from the Empire of Britannia. I'm currently running a game that started on the Isle of Man and has progressed to a fragmented Scotland. I am a frightened six year old surrounded by furious men.

The Sunset Invasion DLC is available now.

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