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Wipeout-ish racer Antigraviator's demo hovers out

Stick it to Newton!

Human civilisation has been in the slow lane since prehistoric times, when Sir Isaac Newton created gravity and suddenly we needed wheels to push around anything (e.g. potatoes, geese, other people, parts to create more wheels). But racing games like Wipeout offer hope of a future where we might perhaps close Newton's Pandora's Box, rid ourselves of gravity, and zoom around mega-fast and upside-down as our ancestors did. You can experience a taste of this future in the free demo for Antigraviator, a new hover-racing game which will launch in full next week. Go on, stick it to Newton.

Antigraviator is a zip-zoom-fast racing game featuring hovervehicles and tracks full of big turns, loops, and upside-down-y bits. As if racing at 600km/h weren't exciting enough, the tracks are littered with 'trap' pick-ups which range from actual traps, like triggering rock slides or activating electricity sparks, to things I'd straight-up call weapons, like mines and missiles. If missiles are just a 'trap', me kicking you up the jacksy is just banter.

I've played the demo, and it sure is a hover-racing game. Ah, I've not enough familiarity with 'em to really judge. I liked going fast and going upside-down. Nailing a corner at top speed with careful taps of the air brake is nice. The announcer voices stand out as daft. Some thoughts, there.

Along with a tutorial, the demo offers three tracks to race around against, supporting AI opponents and split-screen multiplayer (the full game will have online racing too). Customisation is in too, if fancy painting some futurecars. You can download the 800MB installer from Itch.io, Game Jolt, and Indie DB.

Antigraviator is coming via Steam on Wednesday, June 6th. It's made by Cybernetic Walrus and published by Iceberg Interactive.

I never did get around to playing the finished version of the Wipeout-y Formula Fusion - what's it like, gang? And Lightfield is still on the horizon, looking interesting.

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