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Apex Legends Escape update is live now, including new hero Ash and new map Storm Point

Plus tweaks to ranked scoring

"Storm Point. It's a place where dreams come true," says a character at the end of Apex Legends' Escape mode trailer. Given the two preceding minutes, presumably the dreams have to involve being fired into the sky and then stabbing a bunch of dudes.

Apex Legends' new season, including Storm Point map and new character Ash, are all live now.

Here's the trailer, which is kinetic and violent:

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Imogen's already been hands-on with Ash last week, and she found the new human-brained robot a speedy, offensive character that nevertheless didn't feel overpowered.

Respawn have also detailed all of the new features this season in their Escape patch notes. That includes details of the new weapon, the Combat Advanced Round submachine gun, which accepts Light or Heavy mags. They've also made a bunch of tweaks to ranked battle royale and arena modes, in part to how players are rewarded for kills.

There's also a separate post that goes into detail on Storm Point, the new map, which has three colonies, is infested by mutant spiders and dog-like alien prowlers, and has "gravity cannons" which fling players huge distances.

Imogen also had a go on the map, and appreciated it for being a gorgeous, sunny beach-set locale. "I don't wanna see any more maps that are just dusty floors with concrete walls." Too right.

Escape is live now, so if you're hopping in tonight, have a read of Ollie's Ash abilities guide. It breaks the new character's powers and backstory down in detail.

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